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Alumni Stories - Valerie Patrick

Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations upon your successful completion of your well earned degrees. You graduate at a time of great uncertainty but do not lose courage neither should you lose your focus.

This is a time to evaluate what you have accomplished, think strategically and ask yourself what you could do to make the world a better place. Jobs are a means to earning an income but not the only way to earn an income. Can you think of creative ways of improving the world? The people who succeed the most are ones who come up with ways to improve wherever they are using whatever resources are available.

You may face many rejections but eventually there will be a Yes, and you may encounter many roadblocks on your way to bringing your new products and services to the market but remember, God is still creating new things and so should we, giving wisdom and so should we seek to get more wisdom.

When I graduated from the DLMBA Programme in 2002, I lived in London and had no idea that one day I would end up with a consulting career that would take me to Vancouver, Ottawa, Nairobi, New York, Washington DC and Rome but it happened. I seized every opportunity and found meaningful work opportunities, including working for 3 United Nations Agencies. As a consultant I work on short term assignments but the work is interesting, and gave me the flexibility I needed to raise my beautiful and accomplished children, one of whom just got admitted to Canada's equivalent of Cambridge.

One piece of advice, be open, don't settle for mediocre, your career path may be different from others because you are "unique you"; think outside the box and celebrate every opportunity.

Life is one big adventure, take it by the horns.

Never give up and remember there is a big alumni network to support you if you need help, advice, etc.

Inspired to share your own story? Please email alumni at warwick dot ac dot uk

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