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Stelios Alexandrou

Course: BSc MORSE 2013-16
City of residence: Limassol
Contact details: stelios_alexandrou at warwickgrad dot net

When were you at Warwick? 
I graduated from Warwick in 2016 with a BSc (Hons) in MORSE. My mentor was Dr Simon Spencer

Do you have any fond memories?
Warwick is a great place to study. It is a campus based university, one of the few in the UK. Unlike other universities, Warwick gives you the opportunity to come closer with fellow classmates and explore the nice green fields located around most of its student’s residences. It is an amazing experience living on campus, with most of the essentials located within walking distance and fantastic sport and entertainment facilities.

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
Rootes residences

Were you a member of any societies?
Poker soc, Cypriot Soc, MORSE soc, Maths Soc

What are you doing now? 
Studying for a Master’s degree

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
I think it is a great addition to your CV whilst you still remain connected and in touch with the university you graduated from. I could also offer my knowledge regarding general enquires about the University and the nearby towns, Coventry and Leamington.

What kind of people make up the Warwick alumni community in your area? 
Most of the graduates in Limassol, work in the Accounting and Finance sector.

Have you been back to Warwick recently?
Last time I visited was at the Graduation Ceremony