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Jan Macejovsky - Czech alumni ambassador

Course: Executive MBA (Modular) 1997-2000
City of residence: Prague
Employer: Vamed
Interests: sport, travelling
Contact details:

When were you at Warwick?
I studied WBS Executive Modular MBA programme between 1997 and 2000

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
I was commuting to Warwick for modules. During weekly modules I stayed mostly in Scarman House

What are you doing now?
Currently I am Managing Director of a rehabilitation clinic/hospital in Prague

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
I believe the community living in my area (Prague, CZ) can exchange a lot of experience in their respective business areas, can help and/or promote Warwick to new potential students.

Have you been back to Warwick recently?
No visit since 2004 (as a memory trip to local area…)