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Toke Handberg Jeppesen - Danish alumni ambassador

toke_jepppesen.jpgCourse: MA International Political Economy 2012-13
City of residence: Copenhagen
Employer: Head of Section at Erhversstyrelsen (Danish Business Authority)
Interests: Politics, ICT communication, broadband, big data, football, indie rock and literature.
Contact details:

When were you at Warwick?
I studied International Political Economy (IPE) at The University of Warwick in the study year 2012-2013.

Do you have any fond memories?
Warwick is an incredible inspiring and progressive study hub with a rich diversification of people that I learned so much from. Starting the first day I meet fantastic people, which are going to be my friends forever.

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
I lived in Earlsdon, between the university and Coventry city centre, in a big house of nearly 20 residence students. The name is Broad Lane no. 1.

Were you a member of any societies?
I was member of the Warwick politics society, Warwick finance society, Warwick Nordic society, Warwick tennis club and Warwick football club.

What are you doing now?
I am working as head of section in the Danish Business Authority in the department of ICT communications. I focus on regulation of broadband markets and developing policy that will ensure broader and better broadband penetration. After finishing at Warwick, I went back to Denmark and worked as teaching assistant at the Copenhagen University and later as research fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies reading financial regulation in market economies. Later I was appointed to the job at the Danish Business Authority.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
I had a fantastic year at Warwick and I want to help and inspire people to study there. I learned so much and I became so innovative. Skills I hope others get the chance to develop to. It is simple a university that must be known to everyone interested in academia and studying at the highest academic level.

What kind of events do you run?
First year as an alumni ambassador. I plan to do a welcome home arrangement for people that have studied at Warwick, which can make it easy for them to settled afterwards and help people find a job. I also plan to throw a meeting for heading to Warwick. These will be in Copenhagen in a bar where it is possible to ask all kind questions regarding studying at Warwick.

Have you been back to Warwick recently?
Winter 2014 for graduation ceremony

Anything else you care to add?
If you wanted to study at the highest academia level and have lots of fun at the same time then you should choose to study at Warwick Uni. It is simple an indispensable life-experience.