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Katka Yennimatas - Greek alumni ambassador

Course: Politics & French (1990-94)
City of residence: Athens, Greece
Employer: Eurobank EFG
Interests: Travelling, reading, skiing, cinema
Contact details: hellwga at gmail dot com

After having graduated from St. Paul’s Girls’ School in London and having completed Warwick University’s Foundation Programme in Social Sciences, I started my degree of Politics and French at Warwick in 1990. This was a four year course which meant spending three years at Warwick and one year (the third year) in a French-speaking country. Thus, I spent my obligatory year abroad in Brussels where I taught French in a small British primary school where I also held the position of school librarian.

At the same time I also did some part-time research work for a British MEP at the European Parliament. During my studies at Warwick I fondly recall and greatly admire Dr Roger Duclaud-Williams who was my course tutor as well as Professor Leslie Hill and Professor Betts in the French Dept.

Warwick has left me with many fond memories and many good friends. Apart from the course which helped me mature and start my career, my horizons were broadened and I learnt to be more independent as a person. I made many very good friends most of which I am still in touch with to this day.

While at Warwick I lived in Jack Martin residences in my first year, in Leamington Spa in my second and in Tocil in my final year. I was member of the film and Greek Societies. I was also an official basketball scorekeeper and active in various sports societies as well as with the organizing of events in the Student’s Union.

After my degree I went to Brussels and did an internship (stage) in the European Union which lasted six months. After that, in 1995, I decided to come to Greece as, although I am Greek, I had never lived here (I lived in Canada, Central Africa as well as other European countries). After having worked in advertising and consulting (personnel selection), I am now public relations manager at Eurobank EFG, the second largest Greek bank. In this capacity, I am responsible for all public relations activities on a corporate level.

With regards to the alumni in Greece, they are all locals and most come from the capital, Athens. For the most part they are employed in the private sector.

Although I do come to the UK at least twice a year, I unfortunately have not had a chance to come to Warwick since my graduation. I hope however in one of my future visits to the UK to manage and visit.