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Andrea Calabrò - Italian alumni ambassador

img_0744.jpgCourse: Exchange student, Economics 2012-13
City of residence: Milan/Venice
Employer: JP Morgan
Interests: Politics, psychology and culinary traditions
Contact details: calab dot andrea at gmail dot com

When were you at Warwick?
I spent my last year of study reading Economics at Warwick as a full year exchange student from the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari

Do you have any fond memories?
Despite having studied in several other universities, I have never experienced any better environments than the one I lived in while at Warwick: it was simply and truly amazing. Warwick is the perfect mix of sport, entertainment and high-level teaching. The campus is equipped with several sport facilities, studying spaces, restaurants and it is big enough for you to enjoy your free time but small enough you can go from any locations to another in less than 10 minutes. Professors were approachable and truly interested in their students. People were international, proactive and of course very smart. There were always – always – some events I could go to or fun activities I could join. I can’t recall even one single day in which I was bored while on campus.

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
I lived in Coventry, Craven Street. I remember there were more pubs than houses; I really loved my time there. I lived with one German girl and two French students who are now three among my best friends

Were you a member of any societies?
I joined the Economics and the Finance societies. I played many sports and partied a lot so I really had little time left but I wish I tried all the other societies. Together with my housemate Romain, we took part in the Jailbreak and after having raised some $400 for charities we travelled for 48 hours more than 500 miles within the UK with no money in our pockets. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

What are you doing now?
The year after Warwick I went on studying in the UK at the London School of Economics and then joined JP Morgan in Milan as an Investment Banking analyst.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
My year at Warwick has been a life-changing event. I like to think I can give something back to the University.

Have you been back to Warwick recently?
Yes, I went back to visit some friends. Of course it was on the Skool Dayz night. I will probably be back this year for the beer festival with my Warwick housemates.

Anything else you care to add?
I wish I could go back and live my year at Warwick over and over again.