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Jessica Whytehorn

Course: MBA (distance learning) 2004-08
Place of residence: Belgium
Employer: PwC Luxembourg
Interests: Travel, reading thriller novels and the arts
Contact details:

Do you have any fond memories?
Relaxing in the student lounge, having a drink with my new found friends and room-mate

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
I lived in Northamptonshire

What are you doing now?
I am a learning and development consultant.

How did you end up in Luxembourg?
I got married to a Belgian citizen whom I met while doing the MBA. I now work in Luxembourg because it is 30 minutes across the border.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
Because I believe in the power of networking communities and the sharing of experiences. These can be quite invaluable contacts to have, especially once we share one common identity; that of Warwick!

What kind of people make up the Warwick alumni community in your area?
They are a cross section of MBA and degree students Are they expatriates or locals? Mostly Belgian and Luxembourg citizens. They work across a range of sectors. Though Luxembourg has a large number of financial , funds and European institutions.

Have you been back to Warwick recently?
I visited Warwick two years ago for the graduation of my husband from the MBA

Anything else you care to add?
I really learnt a lot about how business works and how strategy can play a very huge part in diagnosing a problem. The models which I learnt in Operational Management and in Marketing strategy has proved invaluable in my working life. Equally it was great to be with a group of experienced professionals who could give examples that supported the teaching.