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Ugochi Agoreyo - Nigerian alumni ambassador

Course: MBA (2008-09)
City of residence: Lagos
Employer: Tavia Technologies Limited
Interests: Mentoring, reading and travelling
Contact details: Ugochi22 at yahoo dot com

Who were your tutors?
Dissertation supervisor: Dr Temi Abimbola, marketing strategy: Nigel Piercy, economics: Ben Knight

Do you have any fond memories?
The fond memories I have are centred around the ambience of the university environment and the joy my kids derived from playing and taking long walks around the university.

    Where did you live?
    Westwood Bungalow 1, Westwood Campus

    What are you doing now?
    I’m the senior manager, strategy group in my company.

    Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
    I wanted to find a way to contribute and help build our alumni. I thought I had some great ideas, especially in the area of building awareness and engagement within the alumni through structured communication (all of this I learnt of WBS, I might add) and so I volunteered to work in communications for the alumni.

    What kind of events do you run?
    We have only recently held a cluster night and that is the only event I am aware of that has been run by the alumni. We also intend to have a dinner in September.

    Do you get a good turnout?
    We had a fair turnout of 26 out of a little over 170 alumni. I think this is not bad considering that it was a first time event.

    Have been back to Warwick recently?
    Yes, I only just got back from my 2010 summer graduation

    Contact Ugochi if you want to attend or suggest an event in Nigeria or want to make contact with the alumni community there.