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Visnja Krstic


  • Course: MA English Literature 2014-15
  • City of residence: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Employer: MA student at the University of Belgrade
  • Interests: art history, photography, swimming, skiing
  • Contact details: visnja dot krstic at gmail dot com

When were you at Warwick? What did you study? Who were you your tutors?

2014-15; MA in English Literature; Dr Teresa Grant and Dr Chantal Wright

Do you have any fond memories?
Very many – my first endeavours in cooking and housework in general, department's Christmas party, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's concert in the campus' Arts Centre, the parade in honour of Shakespeare's birthday in Stratford-upon-Avon, library sessions with my coursemates, eating Polish doughnuts for Paczki Day, overcoming my fear of birds by feeding the ducks by the Tocil lake, celebrating Diwali and Holi with my friends from India, playing Secret Santa with my flatmates, befriending a fox, rooting for Coventry F.C. at Ricoh, celebrating Chinese New Year, attending Puppy De-stress Day event at the SU, earning 24 pounds and one Euro after winning an unofficial all-Tocil poker tournament, groupwork at the Humanities Cafe, random weekend escapes to Birmingham, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, etc, picnicking at the Tocil roundabout, making fish-shaped crepes for Pancake Tuesday, throwing a barbecue party for my birthday, winning the Tocil Big Night In prize, late-night trips to Tesco, pub crawl in Leamington, hours spent in the flat's kitchen or on the bench outside, swimming in the nearby sports centre, carving my maiden pumpkin for Halloween, to name but a few.

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
Tocil Residences, flat 32, room M

What are you doing now? 
I am finishing my MA studies at the University of Belgrade. In the following academic year, I intend to pursue a PhD at the same university.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
Primarily because I would love to remain in touch with other alumni in the area and the University itself. In addition, I would like to promote Warwick in Serbia.

Have you been back to Warwick recently?
Yes, in January 2016, to attend my graduation ceremony.