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Timothy Lui - Singaporean alumni ambassador

Course: MBA (Distance Learning) (1998-05)
Interests: Outdoor games, mountain biking, badminton, ping-pong, photography
City of residence: Singapore
Contact details: timothywmlui at gmail dot com

Do you have any fond memories?
One fond memories is of MBA years 1 and 2 when we went for the one week on-campus study designed for DL students. The support for students from the University was great. We had very high quality lecture classes and workshops. It was an excellent opportunity to interact with course tutors and fellow students. I could not believe that I even met many fellow students from Singapore during the course which we never had the chance to do while in Singapore.

Also I opted to attend one of the MBA modules on service operation management which was organised in Hong Kong. I still remember the first day of the course, the room was packed with more participants than the original attendant list. Of course, the tutor Dr Bob Johnson, one of the gurus in customer service, was definitely a key factors in attracting a big audience. It was however also interesting to see many people accompanied the attending MBA students and wanted to get a feel for the lecture.

Students from other UoW faculties interested in the subject came along. Even those registered for the class but unable to attend had their spouse or partner sit in on their behalf. So, we had a guy wearing his wife‘s name tag and we addressed him as ’Madam‘ without any prejudice… The course workshop was something not to be missed. It was simply excellent world class delivery from the master Dr Johnson, period.

What are you doing now?
I migrated to Singapore from Hong Kong in 1996. I am currently working in Singapore for a Swiss-listed supply chain management company, Panalpina. My job is South East Asia head of tender management and product pricing; to bid for the company on major requests for quotation / proposal. The position requires a good combination of industrial experience and knowledge, as well as much commercial and strategic sense. My WBS MBA qualification has given me the competitive edge that enabled me to be headhunted into my current position – a promotion from my previous job in a competitor.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
It feels good to make known to other alumni, potential students and the Singapore community at large that Warwick is a good place for study.

I decided to do my best to promote lasting and supportive relationships among UoW alumni members; to provide opportunities for social, cultural, educational and networking activities among alumni, students and UoW staff.  

What kind of people make up the alumni community?
The majority of Singaporean alumni are locals, with some expatriates. Ethnic origins include Asian and European countries. About 25% are MBA graduates, other major academic disciplines include law, finance, engineering and literature.

What kind of events do you run? Do you get a good turnout?
We organise a regular monthly meeting for casual catch-ups and get-togethers. When there are visiting speakers and/or lecturers from the University to give a presentation we usually have very good turnout.

Our feedback indicates a preference for events that can cater for alumni networking while at the same time allowing friends and family to accompany in a free and easy setting. We tried something new this September - a picnic at the Singapore Botanic Garden. There were about 40 alumni current students and friends in attendance. This success gave the alumni committee team great encouragement.

Contact Timothy if you want to attend or suggest an event in Singapore or want to make contact with the alumni community there