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United States


Name: Vishwaraj Hariharaputran

Course: MSc Mechanical Systems 2011-12

Residence: Denver, CO

Contact details: +1-(917)-913-7772

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Name: Sotiris Rompas

Course: WBS PhD 2005-10

Residence: Boston

Contact details:

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Name: J Bennett

Course: MA Philosophy and Literature

Residence: San Francisco Bay Area

Contact details:

David Hill

Name: David Hill

City of residence: New York City

Contact details: hilld at usa dot net

Study at Warwick: BSc Mathematics 1975-78

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 Maina M Bagwanedee

Name: Maina M Bagwanedee

City of residence: Chicago

Contact details: maina dot bagwanedee at gmail dot com

Study at Warwick: MBA, Exchange Programme 2007

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Name: Brad Stouffer

City of residence: Mid West

Contact details: bstouff at sbcglobal dot net

Study at Warwick: MBA (1999-2004)

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