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Nguyen Truong Anh Thao

truong.jpgCourse: BSc Economics 2010-13 and MSc Management 2013-14
City of residence: Ho Chi Minh city
Employer: self-employed
Interests: long distance running, trekking, travelling, real estates, healthcare industry,

Do you have any fond memories?

My fond memories at Warwick were created by the amazing people that I met with during my 4 years there. I learnt a lot from them and from the differences in our background, cultures, and was able to make life-long friends.

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?
I stayed at Tocil, Coventry, Cannon Park and Lakeside during my 4 years at Warwick.

Were you a member of any societies?
I wanted to have an all rounded experience at Warwick, that’s why I joined a variety of society, including: Vietnamese Society, Belly Dancing Society, Oriental Performance Society, The Boar, Warwick Asia Career Society

What are you doing now?
Currently I’m running my own business providing services to promote and enhance China-Vietnam investment activities. My partner is in fact a classmate of mine at the University.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
I want to use this opportunity to continue the Warwick «experience» in Vietnam, together with my friends and classmates as well as current/future Warwick graduates.

What kind of people make up the Warwick alumni community in your area?
A lot of us are working in MNCs and banks in Vietnam, mostly based in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi. There are also a significant number who had decided to start their own businesses.