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A family of Warwick graduates

Anita Chagar (BA English Literature, 2015), Samita Sall (BA History, 2018) and Kerry Flora (BA French with Spanish, 2022) are all cousins and Warwick alumnae. We caught up with them to talk to them about their time on campus, their favourite memories from their time here and what they’re doing now.

What are you doing now?
Anita: I work at Heathrow Airport as a Business Change Manager for the Terminal 2 Baggage Programme; an infrastructure programme that will deliver a new baggage system for The Queen’s Terminal, to replace the current 30-year-old Terminal 1 system that’s still in use. However, when I first left Warwick, I become a Secondary School English Teacher via the Teach First programme (through which I also completed my MA in Educational Leadership back at Warwick) – quite the career change!

Samita: I work in the TV industry as an Assistant Producer. I'm currently working at a company called Drum Studios in their development team, which means I come up with documentary and factual entertainment TV show ideas, figure out how they’ll work and then pitch them to terrestrial channels and streaming services in the hopes of getting the funding to produce them!

Kerry: I work at the Walt Disney Company in Hammersmith as a Localisation Ops Coordinator managing the localisation of Disney Branded Kids content for European, Middle Eastern, and African languages. 

How have the connections you made at Warwick contributed to your career?
Anita: My connections at Warwick opened my eyes and mind to just how vast this world is and the diversity that comes from the people living within it. I remember recognising how rapidly my national and global locational knowledge was expanding with every new person I met at university. This has stayed with me as I became a teacher, and then moved into the aviation industry, where I also spent time leading a staff diversity network, to highlight the importance of different perspectives and experiences people can bring to the table.
Samita: Warwick allowed me to meet people from all over the world, which has helped me in my career as I often need to speak to people from many walks of life, listening to and telling their stories, so my connections at Warwick prepared me well.
Kerry: Throughout Warwick I met people from all over the world and involved myself in societies and department volunteering. As a result, I was well equipped for the social environment around me now at work where people of all ages and nationalities interact on a day to day basis.

What drew you to Warwick and helped you decide that this was the University for you?
Anita: Once I had decided I wanted to study English Literature, I learnt that Warwick was a great choice, due to its proximity to Stratford-upon-Avon and its links to the Royal Shakespeare Company. Also, my Head of Sixth Form had studied at Warwick and had arranged a school trip to take a group of us there for a campus visit. As we walked around the Arts Centre, Students Union and other areas, I instantly pictured myself spending the next few years there.
Samita: This is a funny story, but Warwick wasn’t even a university I was considering until Anita showed me around! We went to visit her on an open day, and I fell in love with the campus (probably helped that the weather was glorious). After attending a talk about the History course, I was impressed at the diversity of the modules offered, which were miles ahead of many of the university courses I’d looked at.
Kerry: My older cousins went to Warwick, so I’d already heard good things and I always wanted to go to a campus uni away from London. What solidified my decision to go to Warwick was the SMLC department, it was presented exactly how I imagined languages at university to be.

What are your favourite memories of your time here?
Anita: There are so many highlights! Working as a steward in the Arts Centre; writing for the Boar and seeing my article in print; speaking on RAW radio; giving tours of the Campus as a Student Ambassador; being a Press Officer then Director of Publications for the TEDxWarwick organising committees of 2014 and 2015; overhauling the Warwick Lit.Soc website as their Publicity Officer; joining the AIESEC Warwick team which led me to opportunities teaching in Italy – the list goes on…
Samita: I have so many good memories of my time at Warwick, but I think some of my favourite were due to the friends I made. I'd spend evenings with them in Sherbourne playing card games, having lunches at the Dirty Duck or just simply sitting in the Piazza on a sunny day watching the world go by. I also had the best time on my year abroad in Arizona.
Kerry: My year abroad as it not only developed my French but helped shape me as a person. On campus some of my best moments came from being a part of the French Society Exec, as I developed some great relationships and it allowed me to balance my education and social life. 

Meet the cousins Anita, Samita, and Kerry below. Below they tell us what they think is the best thing about the Warwick alumni community?

Anita Chagar (BA English Literature, 2015)

"We’re varied, we’re active, we’re noteworthy!"

Samita in her graduation gown
Samita Sall (BA History, 2018)
"It’s great to get updates to see the inspiring things that fellow Warwick alumni have been doing, especially in regard to the range of industries that Warwick alumni can be found in. And it’s nice to know that no matter where everyone is, you all have these universal university experiences in common."
Kerry in her graduation gown
Kerry Flora (BA French with Spanish, 2022)
"I love how willing everyone is to share their experiences, which not only gives undergraduates an insight into their future careers, but also ties everyone together whether or not they are still at Warwick."

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