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Creating University Outreach Programmes to Empower Young People

Growing up in Coventry it was always a dream of Dr Azzedine Dabo (MSc Analytical Science, 2013; PhD Chemistry, 2019) to study at Warwick. Now working as the scientific lead of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Method Innovation Team, Azzedine shares the importance of giving young people exposure to university life through outreach programmes like the one he has created at GSK.

Why did you choose Warwick?

I lived in Coventry and used to be part of a running club which used Warwick’s running tracks. It was always my dream to get into Warwick to study.

What are you doing now?

I am the scientific lead of in-silico modelling, quality by design (QbD) method development and the transfer of analytical methods and results between chromatography instruments for GSK’s Method Innovation Team based in Stevenage, UK. In 2022 I was awarded the GSK EMBRACE Rising Star Award, GSK Ahead Together/CEO Award, and in 2023 I was awarded the STEM Rising Star Award at the Black British Business Awards.

What motivates you to do what you do? 

I am lucky to have a role that relates to my studies and I enjoy using my technical knowledge to improve our efficiency to get medicines to the market.

How has your time at Warwick influenced what you do now? 

My MSc and PhD are directly linked to my current role, which motivates me to go to work every day. During my PhD, I was also part of the student progression team. I still carry on with a range of outreach activities. I have created an outreach programme for ethnic minority A-level students here at GSK in collaboration with Oxford University (Hertford College). I am also currently the EMRBACE UK ERG Co-lead.

Favourite memory? 

Winning the teaching award in the Chemistry department.

Best thing about the Warwick community?

I was supported by supervisors when needed.

Favourite place on campus?

Warwick Arts Centre.

Azzedine smiling at the camera