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Impactful Academic Journey on Social Topics

With its vibrant academic atmosphere and campus-based lifestyle, Warwick fostered a strong faculty connection and immersive student experience. Now pursuing a DPhil in Area Studies at Oxford, Kefan’s journey, influenced by Warwick's supportive community, extends from undergraduate studies to impactful research on social topics across the world, reflecting a commitment to social change and gratitude for formative experiences.

Why did you choose Warwick?

Warwick is a very academic and vibrant university. Its campus-based nature fosters an immersive university life and allowed me to build a strong connection with my faculty.

What are you doing now?

I am a DPhil candidate in Area Studies (China) at the University of Oxford. Prior to my DPhil study, I obtained an MPhil in Educational Research at the University of Cambridge and a BA in Education at the University of Warwick. My DPhil thesis explores the lives and experiences of young carers in China.

What motivates you to do what you do? 

During my undergraduate years, I volunteered in many marginalised areas in China, Indonesia, and African countries. These experiences facilitated my research interests in childhood, family, health, informal caregiving, and gender.

How has your time at Warwick influenced what you do now?  

My Warwick experiences shaped who I am. As the only Chinese student in the class and being in a sexual minority, I want to share my gratitude with my department (Education Studies), and especially with my mentors Dr. Juliet Raynsford, Dr. Sarah Dahl, and Dr. Michael Wyness, who trusted, inspired, and supported me. I had never felt so motivated towards learning, research, and in my life in general. Warwick provided me with the courage and kindness to face future adventures. Thank you.

Favourite memory? 

Everyday student life. For example, I enjoyed the daily route I took to school, the bus station, and the blueberry muffins at the Art Centre. I also enjoyed the 24/7 opening library, the library bridge outside (which says no smoking), and the canteen on the ground floor that gave my friends and me irreplaceable everyday moments to study and experience our university life.

Best thing about the Warwick community?

Warwick became my community. There are talents, idealists, and dreamers, and Warwick supports each of them equally. This community encouraged people to keep on doing what they were interested in, and there were people who tried to make this world a better place.

Kefan at a restaurant

Kefan Xue

BA Education Studies, 2019