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Dilip Mutum's Warwick Experience

I graduated together with my wife at this year's Winter Graduation Ceremony on the 18th of January. As far as I know, we are the only the married couple to graduate together with PhDs, at the same time.


It's quite funny - while we were doing our PhDs, we could not wait to complete it but now that we have, I realise that I really miss life at Warwick.

I am currently lecturing at Coventry University Business School and had forgotten completely about this blog until reently. I was discussing the topic "Selling is not marketing" with my students and I remembered that I had written a post about this on this blog a few years ago. A search on Google revealed that my old post was actually #3 in the results.

It was really nostalgic going through my old posts and looking at the pictures when I suddenly recalled that alumni members are allowed access their old blogs. I contacted the IT services and they allowed me access using my alumni login. If I am not mistaken, the UNiversity of Warwick is the only University in the World which allows this. Other Universities cut you off the minute you pass out. Says a lot about Warwick I guess.

I hope to be able to continue posting updates on this blog form time to time.

Materials and Analytical Science Building

This is a pic of the new Materials and Analytical Science Building of the Chemistry department which I took sometime back. Was looking at the photograph today I realised that the windows looked quite unique. Are they solar panels?

The building costs £25 million and you can see the construction online via their webcam here.

1. My interview on blogging is on the Knowledge Centre site. More info here.

2. My first eBook on personal branding and social media for researchers is now available for download. It's totally free.

As my life as a PhD student at the University of Warwick nears the end, I have decided to continue my rants and thoughts on areas of interest on a personalised blog -

However, I will continue blogging here about life in Warwick as long as I am still around in campus.

In case you have not heard, the Wolfson Research Exchangehas a brand new website which was just launched today.

I am quite honoured that I played a small part in creating the new site. 

Here are my articles on the site:

Would love to hear your comments/ suggestions for further improving the articles/ guides.

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