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Conferences and Seminars

This page contains information about conferences I have attended, presented at and organised during my academic career to date.

Conferences and Seminars Organised

  • Interpreting Shakespeare: The Director, the Actor, The Editor, The Teacher, The Critic (Administrator)
    The Third British Shakespeare Association Conference, University of Warwick, August 31st-September 2nd 2007.

  • Fifth Annual Postgraduate Symposium (Co-organiser)
    Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick, June 24th 2009.

  • Sidelights on Shakespeare (Co-organiser)
    University of Warwick, supported by the Humanities Research Centre, 2010- present.

    This regular interdisciplinary seminar series explores the diversity of interpretations and appropriations of Shakespeare across a range of faculties and approaches.

Conference Papers, Panels and Public Talks



""Eke out our performance with your minds": the impact of the RSC's Complete Works Festival on audience involvement and expectations."

British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Institute, June 21st 2007

Read abstract Panel paper.

"Blogging the Bard" panel discussion with Andrew Dickson, online arts editor for The Guardian newspaper, theatre blogger Natasha Tripney and academic Patricia Tatspaugh. BSA Conference, University of Warwick, August 31st 2007. Round-table discussion. Listen to the Blogging the Bard podcast with Andrew Dickson and myself:

""Those Wretched Plays": Bardolatry vs. The Shakespeare Canon"

Arts Faculty Graduate Seminar, January 21st 2009. Read abstract Panel paper.
"Escaping the Author: Un-attributing the Shakespeare Apocrypha." "Authorship: An Interdisciplinary Conference", Roehampton University, June 10th 2009. Read abstract Panel paper.
"Preserving Shakespeare: Bardolatry, Canon and the Shakespeare Apocrypha." British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Institute, June 12th 2009. Read abstract Panel paper.
""What's Past is Prologue": Negotiating the Authority of Tense in Reviewing Shakespeare." "Reviewing Shakespearian Theatre: The State of the Art", Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, September 5th 2009. Read abstract Seminar paper.
"Teams Researching Shakespeare in Higher Education" panel discussion with Christie Carson (Royal Holloway), Kate McLuskie and Emily Burden (Shakespeare Institute) and Susan Brock (Warwick) "Local/Global Shakespeares" BSA Conference, Kings/ Shakespeare's Globe, September 11th 2009. Round-table panel that aimed to assess the impact of team-based projects on HE policy and funding.
""Now am I in Arden, the more fool I": Double Falsehood and Shakespeare's (In)Complete Works." British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Institute, June 19th 2010. Read abstract Plenary panel paper.
""Now am I in Arden, the more fool I": Double Falsehood and Shakespeare's (In)Complete Works." 5th Annual English Postgraduate Symposium, University of Warwick, June 30th 2010. Read abstract Panel paper.
"A Prince and his Play in Exile: The Excluding Practices of the 1610 Additions to Mucedorus." "Early Modern Exclusions". University of Portsmouth, September 14th 2010. Read abstract Panel paper.
"Apocrypha and Canonical Expansion in the Marketplace: Or, My Shakespeare’s Bigger Than Yours."  Shakespeare Association of America 39th Annual Conference, Bellevue, Washington, 7-9 April 2011.
 Read abstract
Seminar paper, "Shakespeare for Sale" session.
"Splicing Shakespeare: Problems of Adaptation in Claiming 'New' Shakespeare." British Graduate Shakespeare Conference. Shakespeare Institute, 27 May 2011. Solo paper session. Read abstract
"‘We ring this round with our inuoking spelles”: Magic as embedded authorship in The Merry Devil of Edmonton." "Renaissance Shakespeares: Shakespearean Renaissances." World Shakespeare Congress. Prague, 17-22 July 2011.
Seminar paper, "Magic and the Occult in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries" session. Read abstract
"Was Collaboration Common in Shakespeare's Time?" "60 Minutes with Shakespeare." Online conference organised by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, August 2011. This paper is one of sixty contributions to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust's online discussion of the Shakespeare Authorship Question. Recordings of all sixty-second papers have been available online since August 2011.
"Chasing Windmills: Where Next for Cardenio?" The Shakespeare Club, Stratford-upon-Avon, 13 September 2011. Invited lecture.
""Persons may easily play it": Problems of Popularity for Mucedorus." "The Elizabethan Top Ten." University of Oxford, 24 September 2011. Work-in-progress sharing session. Read abstract.
"A Yorkshire Tragedy in Rep: Genre and Contexts." A Yorkshire Tragedy symposium, Montpellier, 4 November 2011.  Read abstract Symposium paper.

"Shakespeare the Collaborator."

BSA event. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, 25 November 2011. Panel discussion with Eric Rasmussen, John Jowett and Paul Edmondson. Organised by the British Shakespeare Association.

""Cursed Locrine, looke vnto thy selfe": The Ambiguous Labour of "W.S."."

"Authorship and Collaboration in the Renaissance." Queen's University, Belfast, 13-14 January 2012. Read abstract Panel paper.
Title tba "Shakespeare Inside-Out: Depth, Surface, Meaning." The British Shakespeare Association Conference. Lancaster University, Lancaster, 24-26 February 2012. Read panel abstract Panel paper.
Romeo and Juliet Nottingham Playhouse, 21 March 2012. Pre show lecture preceding Headlong Theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet.
Title tba Shakespeare Association of America 40th Annual Conference, Boston, 5-7 April 2012. Seminar paper, "Shakespeare's Errors" session.

Sessions Chaired

Other Conferences and Workshops Attended

    Reading and Research Groups

    • Early Modern Drama Reading Group, 2008-2009.
    • The Long 18th Century Reading Group, 2009-2011.
    • Ulysses Reading Group, 2010-2011.
    • Corruption Research Network, 2011-.

      Regular Seminars

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        Coming up in 2011:

        Shakespeare Association of America, Seattle

        World Shakespeare Congress, Prague

        Shakespeare, Sources and Adaptation, Cambridge

        The Elizabethan Top Ten, Oxford