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Ironman 2010

At the moment all I seem to do in my spare time is train...

In May 2010 I am planning to participate in my first (and hopefully only) Ironman challenge in Lanzarote. Basically this involves covering 226km using a combination of swimming (3.8km), cycling (180km) and running (42.2km). This is back-to-back with no break. Naturally, I have been training hard for several months in preparation and I think I am about as fit as I'll ever be. I have been training with the Warwick University Triathlon and Road Cycling Club for the last four years and have been slowly building up to the Ironman distance.

I am fundraising for drop4drop, a chairty that seeks to create sustainable projects that would help some of the 1.2billion people who don't currently have access to clean fresh water, get access - take a look at my sponsorship page here - and please feel free to be generous.

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