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The FAB Timeline

  • March 2020 The floor of level 2 is now visible from the Oculus.
  • January 2020 The mezzanine floor of the building is now clearly visible from the 1st floor of the Oculus.
  • November 2019 Commencement ceremony held in what will be the atrium of the new building. Classics staff and students perform a libation to the 9 Muses, Apollo and the Gods. A time capsule is buried in the base of the new building.
  • May 2019 Hoardings go up around Car Park 7 and on the 8 May demolition finally starts!
  • July 2018 The University goes out to tender for the construction and delivery of the new building
  • July - November 2017 RIBA Stage 2 consultation and design planning takes place. These consultations with all stakeholders dig more deeply into aspects of the overall design and operations of the building
  • February 2017 Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBS) win the RIBA competition to design the new building
  • October 2016 An international RIBA competition opens for the design of the new Faculty of Arts Building
  • July 2016 University Council approves a provisional budget for the construction of a new Faculty of Arts Building