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Student life

Our lively and collaborative community of postgraduate students and academics offer a hub of opportunity and new experiences to support your personal and professional development.

Find out more from some of our current postgrads.


fWarwick Classics postgraduate students and staffPhoto: Some of our postgraduate students and staff (2020)

Our postgrads' perspective

"Whether you’re joining us fresh from study, or from a completely different career, a warm welcome from our fantastic postgraduate community awaits you!

We are fortunate to be members of a department and a community keen to help us grow as early career academics. We also have the opportnity to gain valuable teaching experience, providing secondary school students with introductions to Greek and Roman art and religion as part of the Sutton Trust Summer Schools Project.

Here's just some of the highlights of postgraduate student life in the Classics department at Warwick."

Kieran Johns and Jacqui Butler, current postgraduate students

Work-in-Progress seminars

A weekly opportunity to meet with other postgrads and staff to present your research. It's a great chance to hone your presentation skills, and the feedback can really help take your work in new and interesting directions. We regularly welcome external speakers to our WiP seminars, and the event usually ends with a trip to the SU pub!

PGR Colloquium

Organised by students every year, this academic conference style event enables first, second, and third year PhD students to present their research to their colleagues. It helps to develop skills in writing abstracts, presenting as part of thematic panels, and organising an academic event. There is always a party afterwards to celebrate a job well done!

Academic events

Our peers regularly arrange events, focusing on research and outreach, whilst others have welcomed PGs and academics from further afield for conferences that they have organised themselves with the support of the Humanities Research Centre. The most recent conference (2019) was Fleshing Out Worlds: Poetry on Objects, from Classical Epigrams to Modern Light Poems, organised by Paloma Perez Galvan and Alessandra Tafaro, two current PhD students here at Warwick. Several other members of the PG community supported the conference, getting involved as presenters, volunteers, and guests.

Study abroad

There are a number of opportunities to apply for scholarships to study abroad at foreign institutions to support your research, including the British School at Rome in Italy, and Harvard University in Princeton, funded by Humanities Research Centre scholarships.

Social life

Amongst others, we have organised group visits to the Last Supper in Pompeii exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and the Troy: Myth and Reality exhibition at the British Museum in London.

Photo: Students at the British Museum

A state of the art academic and social hub for our students

The new Faculty of Arts Building, which is currently under construction, will be a landmark space at the heart of campus; a destination for engagement in the humanities and the arts; a hub for public engagement with the arts and nurturing cultural value.

At eight storeys high and 35 metres tall, the Arts building will be one of the tallest buildings on campus when it opens.

Photo shows computer generated artists impression