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Essay and Exam Resources

Below are some resources intended to help you in writing and submitting your assessments, as well as preparing for exams.

Submitting your work:

Writing your essay:

  • Advice on Writing Essays; Checklist
  • Classics Department Style guide - guidance on formatting your written work
  • Plagiarism. Plagiarism, defined as ‘the attempt to pass off someone else’s work as one’s own’ is a variety of cheating or fraud. It is taken very seriously by the University and students who are caught can suffer penalties which are extremely detrimental to their career. If in doubt about what constitutes plagiarism, please consult the online tutorial Plagiarwise



See the advice on writing gobbets above, which contain the marking criteria used for gobbets.

Conducting research:

Library Induction and Searching Skills

For first year students: