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New Omnibus article

'Augustus’ endless empire' by Alison Cooley just published in Omnibus 87, the magazine for schools

Congratulations to May Robinson

Many congratulations to May Robinson, current 2nd-year undergraduate, for reaching the final shortlist in the Classical Association’s 2023-4 "CA X Bloomsbury" Competition, for her poem ‘Pomegranate Juice’.

Material Musings article for October

This month Elena Claudi's article, 'The Great Altar of Pergamon: Telephus, the Wounded King and Mythical Founder', discusses the depiction of the Telephus myth on the internal frieze of the altar, focussing on panels relating to the Trojan War.

You can read it here

April's Material Musings blog post

This month on the Material Musings blog, Chris Parr discusses animal footprints on clay tiles and whether these can be considered epigraphic, in an article entitled "(Ro)Man's best friend: pawprints on a clay tile from Leicester".

You can read it here.

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