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Classics News and Events

Coin of the Month: Greek by name, Indian by nature: Indo–Greek Coinage


In May's coin of the month Tunrayo Olaoshun explores Indo-Greek coinage. Read more here.

Public Engagement Contribution Award Nomination for Classics Staff

Prof. Michael Scott and Dr Paul Grigsby from the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History have been nominated for the 2019 Public Engagement Contribution Award. Prof. Scott and Dr Grigsby run the Warwick Classics Network and have been involved in a number of projects during this past year in bringing the work of the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History to the wider public and to local schools.

Coin of the Month: The snake god and the satirist

April's coin of the month, written by Matthew Smith, explores Lucian's Alexander in connection with a coin from Abonuteichos.

What's in a hoard? Help bring the second Southwarwickshire hoard "home" to Warwickshire Museum!!

A second Southwarwickshire hoard of Roman coins has been found and Warwickshire Museum is currently fundraising to 'bring the hoard home'! Read Stanley Ireland's piece on the hoard here and consider donating or attending the fundraising gala event on 5th April!

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Classics staff & students at Life Sciences Public Event

Back to the Future: How Studying History Helps Medical Science!

A School of Life Sciences event with contributions from the department of Classics: Dr. Caroline Petit, Matt Smith (MAR student), Tunrayo Olaoshun (4th year UG student).

Come hear about ancient remedies, the role of dreams in diagnostic, teaching anatomy... and lots more exciting topics:

The School of Life Sciences are pleased to invite you to their next Public Science Evening ‘Back to the Future: How Studying History Helps Medical Science’. This event will explore the exciting topic of how we can use historical medical knowledge in today’s practices. A variety of time periods will be explored, from Galenic medicine in the 2nd century, to early 20th century phage therapy advancements. Also included will be talks from not only members of the School of Life Sciences team, but the Classics and History departments as well. If you are a fan of the History of Medicine and its applications today then this is surely an event not to be missed.

This public science evening will take place on Tuesday 12 March 2019 from 18:00 – 20:00 in the School of Life Sciences atrium. Please visit for more information and to register for this event.

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