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Coin of the Month: Greek by name, Indian by nature: Indo–Greek Coinage


In May's coin of the month Tunrayo Olaoshun explores Indo-Greek coinage. Read more here.

Coin of the Month: The snake god and the satirist

April's coin of the month, written by Matthew Smith, explores Lucian's Alexander in connection with a coin from Abonuteichos.

What's in a hoard? Help bring the second Southwarwickshire hoard "home" to Warwickshire Museum!!

A second Southwarwickshire hoard of Roman coins has been found and Warwickshire Museum is currently fundraising to 'bring the hoard home'! Read Stanley Ireland's piece on the hoard here and consider donating or attending the fundraising gala event on 5th April!

Tue 26 Mar 2019, 09:36 | Tags: Engagement Faculty of Arts Numismatics Show on homepage

Warwick Classics at the British Science Festival

The department has been successful in obtaining two slots for the British Science Festival, 10-13 September 2019! Michael Scott will be giving a lecture and there will be a panel discussing 'What makes money?' Don't forget to check out the full programme of the festival when its released!

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