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Democracy & Imperialism in Classical Athens


In this course we will study the parallel evolution of democracy and empire in Athens from the reforms of Cleisthenes at the end of the Archaic period to the city's demise almost two hundred years later. We will compare the Athenian Empire and Athenian democracy with other forms of hegemony and political structure. This course will look not only at the literary sources, but also the epigraphic, numismatic and archaeological evidence for both democracy and imperialism. In addition, we will think about how the legacy of Greek democracy and imperialism was created, articulated and reacted to through the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and how it has been received in the modern world.

This module is available in 2017/18 as BOTH a Q800 Greek-text module AND an 'in-translation' module for Classical Civlisation/AHCA students.

In 2013/4 this module was the subject of an IATL Academic Fellowship. You can see the final report for the Fellowship here

Module convenor: Dr Roel Konijnendijk