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Term 1 (Autumn 2018)

Lectures: Tuesdays 9-11am, Oculus 1.02

Latin text classes: Tuesdays 1-2pm, H0.43 (first meeting will be Tuesday 2nd October, 1pm)

nb: each week, everyone will attend a two-hour session consisting of 1 hour of more formal lecture, and 1 hour of seminar-style, question-led group work and discussion. In addition, Q800 / Classics & English students will have an additional hour-long class in which we will look in detail at the prescribed Latin texts (these students should do as much preparation of translation as possible on their own, as we will not be able to translate every line together: the point of these sessions is to trouble-shoot and talk through difficult/interesting points of grammar and interpretation. See schedule of Latin text classes below, after the lectures).

Week 1 (i.e. for us, Week 2): Thinking about vulnerability, ancient and modern  Handout 1  Powerpoint 1

Week 2 (i.e.3): The elegiac poet-lover: power and libido in Ovid’s Amores Handout 2  Powerpoint 2

Week 3 (i.e.4): Amores 3.7 and the creative-erotic potential of impotence  Handout 3  Powerpoint 3  Edited googledoc Am.3.7

Week 4/5: Discordia and powerlessness: Horace’s penetrating Epodes (I)  Handout 4  Powerpoint 4

Week 6: reading week

Week 7: Horace's penetrating Epodes (II); Satire’s bodies: Horace (I)  Handout 5  Powerpoint 5

Week 8: Satire’s bodies (II)  Handout 6  Powerpoint 6

Week 9: Phaedrus: fables and underdogs

Week 10: Phaedrus and Tiberius: servility, power, humiliation

Term 2 (Winter-Spring 2019)

Week 1: Vulnerable and invulnerable bodies: revision, expansion, re-orientation (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 1 (no handout)

Week 2: Stuffed bellies and bad tastes: Persius and the poem made flesh (I) (Word Document) Handout 2 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 2

Week 3: Persius and the poem made flesh (II) (Word Document) Handout 3 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 3

Week 4: Beyond tragic vulnerabilty: Seneca Thyestes (I) (Word Document) Handout 4 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 4

Week 5: Beyond tragic vulnerability: Seneca Thyestes (II)(Word Document) Handout 5 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 5 (Word Document) model commentary based on googledoc

Week 6: Reading week

Week 7: The Stoic palestra: learning how to die in Seneca's Letters (I)(Word Document) Handout 7 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 7

Week 8: Learning how to die in Seneca's Letters (II)(Word Document) Handout 8 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 8

Week 9: Achilles' heel: masculinity and rape culture in Statius' Achilleid (Word Document) Handout 9 (PDF Document) Powerpoint 9

Week 10: The mother's story: Statius' Achilleid (Word Document) Handout 10 (PDF Document) Powerpoint 10

Q800 Text Classes: reading schedule
Term 1

Week 1: Introduction + Ov.Amores 2.7 (also read 2.8, at least in English)

Week 2: Amores 2.7/ 3.7

Week 3: Amores 3.7

Week 4: Horace Epodes 8

Week 5: Horace Epodes 12

Week 6: reading week

Week 7: Horace Satires 1.4 (set text = vv.1-85)

Week 8: Horace Satires 1.4

Week 9: Phaedrus, Prologue to Book 3

Week 10: Phaedrus Fabulae 2.5, App.10.

Term 2

Week 1: Seneca Thyestes 691-716

Week 2: Seneca Thyestes 717-884

Week 3: Seneca Thyestes 885-1113

Week 4: Seneca Ep.12

Week 5: Seneca Ep.24

Week 6: Reading week

Week 7: Statius Achilleid 126-296

Week 8: Statius Achilleid 297-466

Week 9: Statius Achilleid 467-618

Week 10: Statius Achilleid 619-877