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Coinage of Greece & Rome


The aim of the module is to introduce students to the main developments in the coinage of the ancient world, from its Anatolian beginnings in the 7th century BC to the late Roman period and beyond.

This module is available in 2017/18.

Module convenor: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper.

Module contributors: Prof. Kevin E. Butcher, Dr Marguerite Spoerri Butcher, David Swan, PhD student

Lectures Mondays 2-4pm, Room H4.22/4 in Term 1 - R3.41 in Terms 2 & 3
Seminars Mondays 1-2pm, in Weeks 3 & 7 in Term 1 and in Weeks 3 & 8 in Term 2, Room H2.44

Please note that this module will NOT be affected by UCU strike action from 22 Feb 2018.

Essential reading (both titles online):

@ Howgego, C. (1995) Ancient History from Coins (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

@ Metcalf, W. (2012, ed.) Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

For further details, see the links above.

Domitian, Sestertius, 88  AD