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Greek Religion - Syllabus

Lecture Topics

Term 1

Part 1: Ideas and Beliefs Concerning the Divine

Week 1: Introduction; The problem of approaching Greek religion: what is Greek Religion?

Week 2: Gods and Mythology I: Who were the gods?

Week 3: Gods and Mythology II: The Politics of Olympus + Introduction of database by David Beck (Academic Technologist)

Week 4: Gods and Mythology III: The Justice of Zeus

Week 5: Challenges to Traditional Religion and Myth + Seminar 1 ( see seminar page)

Week 6: No Lecture

Part 2: Interactions with the Divine

Week 7: Reciprocity and Religious Experience + Student as researcher sessions (Library) + Essay 1 hand in

Week 8: Pollution and Purification I + Seminar 2 (see seminar page)

Week 9: Pollution and Purification II

Week 10: Magic, Curses and Oaths

Term 2

Part 3: Ritual Contexts and Practitioners

Week 1: Religious Experts and Professionals

Week 2: Religion and the Home

Week 3: Religion and the City

Week 4: Panhellenic Sanctuaries I: Design, Architecture and Dedications

Week 5: Panhellenic Sanctuaries II: Games and Oracles

Week 6: No Lecture

Week 7: Guest Lecture (tbc)

Part 4: Specific Cults: Demeter, Asclepius, Artemis

Week 8: Religion and Politics - 'Polis religion'

Week 9: Guest Lecture (tbc) + Essay 2 hand in

Week 10: Religious change, diversity and interaction

Term 3

Week 1: Artemis and Rites for Women

Week 2: Revision - Gobbets

Week 3: Revision - Essay