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Syllabus Set Texts 2018-19

• Set Text 1: Virgil Aeneid 12

• Set Text 2: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae

• Set Text 3: Cicero, Catilinarians 1

Complementary texts (to be studied in English) 2018-19:

• Virgil, Aeneid (recommended translation: D. West 2003, Penguin Classics)

• Cicero, Catilinarians (recommended translation: C. MacDonald 1977 Loeb Classical Library)

Recommended Editions (please purchase)

• R. Tarrant, Virgil Aeneid Book XII, Cambridge, 2012

• J.T. Ramsey, Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae, 2nd edition, Oxford 2007

• A.R. Dyck, Cicero Catilinarians, Cambridge 2008

Additional Materials

  • Recommended Dictionaries:

Charles Lewis and Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary (Oxford, various reprints) or C.T. Lewis, An Elementary Latin Dictionary, Oxford 2002.

Note that the Lewis & Short (more expensive, but much more comprehensive than the Elementary option) is also available as a smartphone app for around £4, and can also be consulted online on Also try, if you can, to use the Oxford Latin Dictionary, regarded as the best Latin-English dictionary available. There are copies available for consultation in the University Library.

• Recommended Grammars:

James Morwood, A Latin Grammar (Oxford, 1999) or Cambridge Latin Grammar (Cambridge, 1992). Other possible grammars to consult are B.L. Gildersleeve’s Latin Grammar (London, 1948) and Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer (Cambridge, 2010)