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Resources including handouts, PDFs, and videos of the talks will be uploaded here shortly

Beliefs and Ideas

Love and Relationships: Prof Victoria Rimell

No video available

Seneca Handout

On the face of it: virtue and desire in Seneca Ep.115 (PowerPoint)

Politics of the Late Republic: Dr Consuelo Martino

Late Republic PowerPoint

Greek Religion: Dr Paul Grigsby

Pausanias handout

Xenophon handout

Polis religion, personal religion and Epithets (PowerPoint)

World of Hero

Homer - Prof David Fearn

Homer PowerPoint

Virgil - Dr Elena Giusti

Dido - world of the heroine (PowerPoint)


Culture and the Arts

Imperial Image: Dr Clare Rowan

The Imperial Image PowerPoint

Greek Theatre: Xavier Buxton


Greek Tragedy - some recent readings (PowerPoint)

Greek Art: Prof Zahra Newby

Myths in Greek Art - Meanings and Approaches (PowerPoint)