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Emperors, Coins, Frogs and Oracles - Resources

Prof. Michael Scott - Delphi: Centre of the Ancient World

Prof. Michael Scott talks about the oracle at Delphi, and the role Delphi played as a hub of interaction in the ancient Greek world.

Dr Emmanuela Bakola: 'Greek Comedy on Greek Tragedy: Aristophanes Frogs' Taster

Dr Emmanuela Bakola introduces us to the close relationship between Greek comedy and Greek tragedy.

Watch Emmanuela in person above, or else watch the full version with slides below!

Prof Alison Cooley: 'From Emperors to Slaves: Inscriptions in the Roman World' Taster

A taster of Prof. Alison Cooley's lecture 'From Emperors to Slaves: Inscriptions in the Roman World' filmed at the Warwick Classics Network launch event 'Emperors, Coins, Frogs and Oracles' 2nd July 2018.

Click here to download Prof. Cooley's Powerpoint of the lecture .

Dr Clare Rowan: 'Coins and the Ancient World' Taster

Dr Clare Rowan introduces us to the world of ancient numismatics.

Click here to download Dr Rowan's Powerpoint of the lecture  

Videos of the day's lectures were recorded by Adam Flynn of the University of Warwick.