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Isabella Vaughan - Replicating the Classics


This summer, I wanted to share the debate surrounding the possible repatriation of various historical pieces to their home countries and communities. Using various replication methods, some exciting new developments and applications could shed new light on the situation. Bringing in conversations about the objects' context and the role that 3D scanning, printing and cast replicas could play, I asked experts in this discussion for their opinions of these new opportunities.

3D Technologies and Techniques

Dr Gabriel Bodard and Alicia Walsh share their expertise on the techniques and methods of creating 3D digital and physical models and replicas. Considering correct academic practice, budget constrictions, and accessibility, they introduce the current approaches to the practice and therefore its applications.

Alicia Walsh - 3D Modelling Techniques

Dr Gabriel Bodard - Uses of 3D Technology

Casts and Museums

Dr Milena Melfi, Curator of the Cast Gallery at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford gives her thoughts on the uses of casts within museums and wider academia. This gives an incredibly interesting examination of how casts should be viewed as objects and what functions they can provide.

Dr Milena Melfi - The Cast Gallery