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The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme [URSS] enables Warwick undergraduate students to carry out an interdisciplinary summer research or public engagement project. The scheme is open to all undergraduate students from any year or course, with the exception of exchange students. For information about how to apply, see the bottom of this page.

Every year students studying in the Department of Classics and Ancient History take part in the URSS scheme, receiving funding to undertake their own research and public engagement projects. You can read all about current and past URSS projects undertaken by our students here.

Raiders ArkURSS 2024

Find out more about our 2024 URSS Classics Projects here. Following one of last year's themes - the reality of archaeology as a career - we have succesfully been awarded another URSS bursary to undertake another archaeology-linked project. Check out the details here.

URSS 2023

Find out more about our 2023 URSS Classics Projects here, including projects on: engaging the public about the realities of life as an archaeologist; the use of replicas in Museums and education, looking especially at the thorny issue of the Parthenon sculptures; and creating a Museum trail at Cirencester Museum.

Peitho Project

URSS 2022

Coming soon, find out more about our 2022 URSS Classics Projects here, including projects on engaging schools with Greek Theatre, ancient Emperors, ancient liquids in ancient Greek thinking, and engaging audiences in the North.

Pot scanned at Lunt Fort

URSS 2021

Find out more about our 2021 URSS Classics Projects here, including projects on engaging Museums using social media, creating resources for schools on Roman Coventry, modern world and ancient Democracy, and the mysteries of Eleusis.

How to apply

The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme enables undergraduate students to carry out an interdisciplinary summer research/public engagement project. For further advice and support on public engagement initiatives please go to the WIE web page. The scheme is open to any UG student at Warwick of a full-time or part-time course, in any year including first and final year students. Exchange students are not eligible to apply. Applicants must get the support of academic supervisor and can apply for a URSS bursary to undertake their research project, either in the UK or abroad, for between 6-10 weeks. URSS application form  Public engagement application form 

URSS bursary

A URSS bursary contributes to your living expenses and other associated costs whilst carrying out your project. Each applicant can request up to a maximum amount of £1500 for home and overseas projects. In order to apply, you will be required to justify your bursary on the application form by providing a fully researched breakdown of projected costs. Bursary information 

URSS Public Engagement Initiative

We are pleased to announce that the URSS will consider applications for Research + Public Engagement or Public Engagement only projects for the 2022 session. This may take one of two forms

1) A research project with a public engagement element . This means you would complete your research project first then design a public engagement activity to share your results. This activity may take place after the summer research period.

2) A public engagement-focused project. This could mean that you design an engagement initiative to share research, rather than doing the new research yourself.  

If you would like to include a public engagement element please indicate this in your application. WIE can offer advice and support for public engagement and we strongly advise you to contact them before you make your application at or