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Part Time Tutors

Part Time Tutors 2008(09)



 Tutor Email Office Hour  
Dimitar Angelov   Weds 9am - 10am H516  
Jim Byatt   Thurs 2pm - 3pm H509  
Lewis Beer (T1 only)   Tues 4pm -5pm H517  
Dr Christie Carson   Weds 12pm -1pm H005  
Arina Cirstea   Tues 3pm - 4pm H416  
Tom Cornford   Tues 12pm -1pm H530  
Alice Eardley   Fri 2pm - 3pm H351  
Jayne Glover   Tues 11am - 12pm H532  
Henry Gott   Tues 2pm - 3pm H416  
Sorcha Gunne   Thurs 4:30 - 5:30pm H519  
Dr Amanda Hopkins   Thurs 5pm - 6pm H501  
Tom Hughes   Thurs 1pm - 2pm H011  
Dr Rina Kim   Tues 1pm - 2pm H416  
Elizabeth Ludlow   Thurs 3pm - 4pm H005  
Charlotte Mathieson   Thurs 11am - 12pm H416  
Catalina Neculai   Weds 11am - 12pm H542  
Simon Parkes   Thurs 2pm - 3pm H416  
Dr Marilyn Pemberton   Tues 8pm - 9pm H501  
Sarah Poynting   Fri 12pm - 1pm H541  
Adam Putz   Tues 12pm - 1pm H509  
Dr Jan Sewell   Thurs 11am - 12pm H517 (T1)  
Will Sharpe   Tues 10am - 11am H416  
Barry Sheils   Thurs 3pm - 4pm H509  
Adrian Wallbank   Tues 12pm - 1pm H416  
Andy Webb   Thurs 10am - 11am H516  
Sherah Wells   Fri 11am - 12pm H511  
John West   Mon 3pm - 4pm H509  
Claire Westall   Mon 4pm - 5pm H005  
Troy White   Fri 1pm - 2pm H401  
Justine Williams   Mon 10am - 11am H516  
Madeleine Wood   Tues 11am - 12pm H416