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Academics in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

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Dr Elizabeth Barry

Associate Professor · E dot C dot Barry at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.37

  • Medical Humanities (psychology, psychpathology, ageing)
  • English and French modernism
  • Modern British and Irish Theatre


Dr Paul Botley

Reader · Paul dot Botley at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.13

  • Early Modern letters
  • The reception of classical literature
  • Neo-Latin literature


Dr Christina Britzolakis

Associate Professor · C dot Britzolakis at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.08

  • Modernism (especially geomodernisms)
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Feminism


Professor Elizabeth Clarke

Professor · E dot R dot Clarke at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.41

  • Seventeenth-century religious poetry
  • Spirituality and religious writing (especially nonconformists/women)
  • Early modern women's manuscript writing


Professor Thomas Docherty

Research Professor · T dot Docherty at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.46

  • Critical and Cultural Theory
  • Comparative Literature
  • Irish Literature


Dr Natalya Din-Kariuki

Assistant Professor


Dr Ross G Forman

Associate Professor · R dot G dot Forman at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.39

  • Nineteenth-century literatures and cultures
  • Queer theory and literature
  • Literary and cultural interactions between Britain and Asia


Dr Emma Francis

Associate Professor · E dot J dot Francis at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.11

  • Nineteenth-century British women's poetry
  • Bloomsbury and the East End
  • Victorian Freud


Dr Matthew Franks

Assistant Professor · M dot Franks at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.32

  • Victorian, modern, and contemporary theatre
  • Book history, especially printed ephemera
  • Collective funding: subscription, the welfare state


Professor Michael Gardiner

Professor · M dot Gardiner at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.17

  • Political theory, including ideas of nation, subjectivity, and ecology
  • C18-C20 British cultural history
  • C19-C20 Japanese cultural history


Dr John T Gilmore

Associate Professor · J dot T dot Gilmore at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.33

  • British and Caribbean literature in the long eighteenth century in English and Latin
  • History of translation in the eighteenth century
  • Orientalism (very broadly defined, to include the history of scholarship as well as orientalist fantasy)


Dr Teresa Grant

Associate Professor · T dot Grant at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.16

  • Early modern drama (especially non-Shakespearean)
  • Renaissance literature and culture
  • James Shirley


Professor Tony Howard

Professor · A dot Howard at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.34

  • Shakespeare
  • Theatre
  • Literary Translation


Professor Daniel Katz

Professor · D dot Katz at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.31

  • Modernism and Avant-Gardes
  • Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • Psychoanalysis, deconstruction, theories of the subject


Dr Nick Lawrence

Associate Professor · N dot Lawrence at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.35

  • American literature and culture, nineteenth century to the present
  • Marxism, the Frankfurt School and critical media theory
  • World-literature and world-ecology


Professor Neil Lazarus

Professor · N dot Lazarus at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.19

  • 'Postcolonial' literatures and cultures and postcolonial theory
  • Modernisation / capitalist modernity / modernism
  • World literature, especially when theorised as literature of the modern world-system


Dr Graeme Macdonald

Professor · g dot macdonald at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.36

  • Energy Humanities and Petroculture
  • World Literatures
  • Science Fiction/SF


Professor Emma Mason

Head of Department · Emma dot Mason at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.25

  • Romantic and Victorian poetry
  • Religious poetry
  • Affect and ecology


Dr Stacey McDowell

Assistant Professor


Professor Paulo de Medeiros

Professor · P dot De-Medeiros at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.26

  • World Literatures
  • Modernism and Postcolonial Studies
  • Lusophone Literatures


Dr Michael Meeuwis

Associate Professor · M dot Meeuwis at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.29

  • Performance in Britain and its empire during the later Victorian and Edwardian periods
  • Class and geography in contemporary performance in London
  • The epistemological history of performance and novels in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England


Professor Pablo Mukherjee

Professor · u dot mukherjee at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.18

  • Victorian Studies
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • World Literary Studies


Dr Mike Niblett

Associate Professor · m dot niblett at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.10

  • World-Literature and Postcolonial Studies
  • Ecology and Ecocriticism
  • Caribbean Studies


Dr Paul Prescott

Associate Professor (Reader) · p dot prescott at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.14

  • Shakespeare in performance and theatre history
  • The theory and practice of theatre criticism
  • Adaptation and Dramaturgy


Dr Stephen Purcell

Associate Professor · s dot purcell at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.38

  • Early modern drama (especially Shakespeare) in performance
  • Shakespeare adaptations
  • Audience research and practice-as-research


Professor Carol Rutter

Professor · c dot rutter at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.30

  • Shakespeare performance (both early modern and contemporary)
  • Theatre History
  • Gender and Performance


Dr Jonathan Schroeder

Assistant Professor · Jonathan dot Schroeder at warwick dot ac dot uk

  • Race, ethnicity, migration, and emotion in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Americas
  • Digital Humanities
  • Literature and History


Dr Rochelle Sibley


Professor Stephen Shapiro

Professor · S dot Shapiro at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.28

  • American Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Cultural Materialism


Dr Jonathan Skinner

Reader · J dot E dot Skinner at warwick dot ac dot uk


Dr Mark Storey

Associate Professor · M dot J dot Storey at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.27

  • American fiction from the late nineteenth century to the present
  • Cultures of U.S. imperialism
  • Historical time and temporality


Dr Myka Tucker-Abramson

Assistant Professor · M dot Abramson at warwick dot ac dot uk · H4.20

  • Twentieth-century and contemporary U.S. writing
  • Urban studies
  • Marxist theory


Dr Rashmi Varma

Associate Professor · rashmi dot varma at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.40

  • Postcolonial and world literature and theory
  • Feminist theory and transnational feminism
  • Materialist cultural theory


Dr Caitlin Vandertop

Assistant Professor


Dr John West

Assistant Professor · J dot West dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.41

  • Seventeenth-century literature and history, especially of the Civil Wars and Restoration
  • Early modern literature and religion
  • Early modern literature and political thought


Dr Sarah Wood

Associate Professor · Sarah dot Wood at warwick dot ac dot uk · H5.12

  • Piers Plowman and its transmission
  • Late medieval religious and ethical literature
  • History of the book

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