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Forthcoming events

The department is involved in the organisation of a number of conferences and events throughout the year. Forthcoming events include:

Archive: Previous conferences and events


Edward Said Memorial Lecture

Following his death in 2003, the Department of English and Comparative Studies inaugurated an annual Edward Said Memorial Lecture to honour a prominent literary scholar and a renowned public intellectual. More details about the lecture, and Said's visits to Warwick, can be found here.

This annual lecture is free and open to the public. It has previously been delivered by:

2019: Harry Harootunian
2018: Michael Denning
2017: Rafeef Ziadah
2016: Karima Bennoune
2015: Ilan Pappe
2014: Joe Cleary
2013: Samir Amin
2012: Benita Parry
2011: Mourid Barghouti
2010: Eyal Weizman
2008: Declan Kiberd
2007: Gilbert Achcar
2006: Ahdaf Soueif
2005: Tariq Ali
2004: Tim Brennan