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Postgraduate Research Students

Tyler Ball, Supervisors: Rashmi Varma and Michael Niblett

Janneke Beerman (cotutelle with the University of Curacao), World-literature: Cosmopolitanism in Hybrid Caribbean Novels; Supervisor: Paulo de Medeiros (University of Warwick) and Elisabeth Echteld (University of Curacao)

Natasha Bondre, El excremento del diablo: Petro-capitalism and modern oil cultures within the Caribbean and Latin America; Supervisors Paulo de Medeiros and Michael Niblett

Owain Burrell, Supervisor: Michael Gardiner

Nora Castle, Food, Foodways, and Environmental Crisis in Contemporary Speculative Fiction; Supervisor: Graeme Macdonald

Tom Crompton, Vernacular Tactics: Post-Industrial Ecologies and Experimental Poetries; Supervisor: Jonathan Skinner

Alys Daroy, Biophilic Shakespeare: Towards an Affective Eco-Framework; Supervisors Stephen Purcell (University of Warwick) and Fiona Gregory (Monash University)

Fern Ennis, Women of Nature after Undine; Supervisor: Emma Francis

Beth Greaves, The Literary and Cultural Imagination of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy from 1976 to 2020; Supervisor: Liz Barry

Christopher Griffin, The Aesthetics of the Secret in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction, 1998-2018; Supervisors: Michael Gardiner (University of Warwick) and Dave Gunning (University of Birmingham)

Amulya Gyawali, The Invention of Nature in South Asia; Supervisors: Pablo Mukherjee and Mike Niblett

Nicola Hamer, Supervisor: Jonathan Skinner

Thomas Heath, Supervisor: Paul Prescott

Marianne Hillion, The Imaginary Geographies of Globalising Indian Cities in Contemporary Indian English Writing; Supervisor: Pablo Mukherjee

Samantha Horsfield, Magic is Might and the Wicked Witch: A Discussion of Difference and Discrimination in Children’s Fantasy Literature; Supervisor: Emma Francis

Esthie Hugo, Gender, Race and World-Ecological Literature: Plotting Women’s Work from the Plantation to the Present; Supervisor: Michael Niblett

Tabina Iqbal, Supervisor: Daniel Katz

Tina Janssen, The Contemporary Reception of Sir William Jones’s Translations of Oriental Literature; Supervisor: John Gilmore

Raad Khair-Allah, Supervisor: Rashmi Varma

Aiman Khattak, Bio-political Empire; Sovereignty, Race and War in Selected Afghan, Pakistani and Iraqi Fiction in English; Supervisors: Neil Lazarus and Pablo Mukherjee

Andrea Lawrence, Modernism in Catalonia and Portugal: Perceptions of Europe and Beyond in Travel, Translation and Transnationalism; Supervisors: Paulo De Sousa Aguiar de Medeiros (University of Warwick) and Stewart King (Monash University)

Li Liu, Desire, Consumer Culture, and the Liminal State in the Mid-Victorian Bourgeois Imagination; Supervisors: Jen Baker and Michael Meeuwis

Feng Lu, Supervisor: Caitlin Vandertop

Bushra Mahzabeen, Oil and World Literature: Exploitative Labour and Gender Relations in Petro-Capitalist Commodity Frontiers; Supervisor: Michael Niblett

Michael Morgan, Supervisor: Michael Gardiner

Mantra Mukim, Lyric Failure: Samuel Beckett and the Poetic Form; Supervisor: Daniel Katz

Sihwa Mun, Rethinking Vegetal Life in Romantic Poetry; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Harry Pitt Scott, The Poetics of Offshore: World-Petrofiction and Finance, 1973-2008; Supervisor: Graeme MacDonald

Martin Platais, Supervisors: Rashmi Varma and Nicholas Lawrence

Julian Richards, "This Man is Great" Glen Byam Shaw Directs Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon; Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Anna Rivers, Speaking through Spirits: the Supernatural and Poetic Process in Victorian Women's Poetry; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Ragesree Roy, Supervisors: Caitlin Vandertop and Rashmi Varma

Lindy Rudd, Lessons from Shakespeare: Examining Early Modern Pedagogy as "Pattern, Precedent and Lively Warrant" for Modern Tertiary Education; Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Thirayut Sangangamsakun, Readtrospect: A Queer Approach to Literary Works; Supervisor: Ross Forman

Elizabeth Smith, Supervisor: Jonathan Skinner

Emma Sheppard, Radical Shakespeare: the Life and Work of Michael Bogdanov; Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Madeleine Sinclair, World Literature, the Twenty-First Century Short-Story Cycle and the Politics of Form; Supervisor Michael Niblett

Charlotte Spear, Supervisor: Michael Niblett

Stephanie Tillotson, The late 20th and early 21st century theatre practice of women playing the traditionally male roles in Shakespeare; Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Paul Vernell, Supervisor: Nick Lawrence

Sam Weselowski, The Poetics of Scale: Culture and Space in the Long Neoliberal Moment; Supervisor: Jonathan Skinner

Yaqian Xu, Supervisor Liz Barry

Jaewon Yoon, Contradictions and Asymmetry Revealed in Financial Capitalism and Crisis: Reading the Crash Literature from the Merchant Capital Framework of Karl Marx's Capital; Supervisor: Stephen Shapiro and Mark Storey