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Postgraduate Research Students

This page includes current MPhil and PhD research students with links to their individual profiles. A list of our recently completed PhDs can be found here.

Medieval and Early Modern

Thomasin Bailey, Second generation Sydney Cycle: The sonnets of Lady Mary Wroth and the network of literary collaboration and patronage around Wroth and the Earl of Pembroke; Supervisor: Paul Botley

Louise Campion, Devotional Domesticity in Middle English Religious Texts; Supervisor: Christiania Whitehead

David Fletcher, Religion and the Restoration Stage; Supervisor Mark Knights

Emil Rybczak, Thomas Johnson and Pirate Printing Practices; Supervisor: Tess Grant

Sophie Shorland, The Mechanics of Early Modern Celebrity; Supervisor: Stephen Purcell

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century

Chi-fang Chen, The 1790s and the comic; Supervisor Tina Lupton

Sarah Halford, Whiteness in Victorian English fiction; Supervisor: Emma Francis

Sihwa Mun, Rethinking Vegetal Life in Romantic Poetry; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Chiaki Ohashi, Narratives of Displacement: The Refugee Question, Hospitality, and the Victorian Novel; Supervisor: Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee

Twentieth Century / Contemporary

Roxanne Bibizadeh, Degrees of Difference: Islam and "Race" in Modern and Contemporary Anglo-Iranian and Anglo-Arab Diasporic Literature; Supervisors Rashmi Varma and Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee

Natasha Bondre, El excremento del diablo: Petro-capitalism and modern oil cultures within the Caribbean and Latin America; Supervisors Paulo de Medeiros and Michael Niblett

Karen Borg Cardona, Failed Quests in World Literature; Supervisor: Paulo de Medeiros

Siyu Cao, Performing Post-Britishness in the Contemporary Literature of England; Supervisor: Michael Gardiner

Nora Castle, Food, Foodways, and Environmental Crisis in Contemporary Speculative Fiction; Supervisor: Graeme Macdonald

Nadeen Dakkak, Literary Depictions of Migrants' Experiences in Arab Gulf Countries; Supervisor: Cathia Jenainati

Dominic Dean, The Child and Authority; Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Roxanne Douglas, Fear and Anger: A Wave in Arab Women's Feminist Writing; Supervisor: Cathia Jenainati

Kieran Gallagher, Cultural Materialist Readings of the Contemporary British Social Novel; Supervisor: Michael Gardiner

Samantha Horsfield, Magic is Might and the Wicked Witch: A Discussion of Difference and Discrimination in Children’s Fantasy Literature; Supervisor: Emma Francis

Julie Hudson, The Environment on Stage: Scenery or Cultural Shapeshifter? Supervisor: Stephen Purcell and Carol Rutter

Demet Intepe, Environmental Justice and Writers as Activists in Contemporary Multi-Ethnic American Literatures; Supervisors: Pablo Mukherjee and Nick Lawrence

Angus Love, Alain Badiou’s Inaesthetics: Spectatorship and the Contemporary; Supervisors Stephen Purcell and Thomas Docherty

Jenny Wing Haang Mak, Narrative and Body in Modern and Comparative World Literature, Supervisors Rashmi Varma and Thomas Docherty

Claudio Murgia, Violence, identity and responsibility in contemporary global fiction; Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Wen Lee Ng (MPhil), A Psychoanalytic Study on Motherhood and Daughterhood in Chinese American Contemporary Fictions; Supervisors: Elizabeth Barry and Ross Forman

Qiao Qingquan, The image of China in the early 20th century: Dickinson, Russell and Maugham, Supervisor Ross Forman

Katja Laug, Cormac McCarthy's Mementos of the Broken Body; Supervisors Nick Monk and Thomas Docherty

Thirayut Sangangamsakun, Readtrospect: A Queer Approach to Literary Works; Supervisor: Ross Forman

Martin Schauss, Like a Thing Forsaken: Beckett, Sebald and the Politics of Materiality; Supervisors: Daniel Katz and Nick Lawrence

Jungju Shin, Per/Formed Masculinities: Representation of Asian Masculinity in the West; Supervisor Ross Forman

Robert Starr, 'Nailed to the rolls of honour, crucified': Irish literary responses to the Great War; Supervisor Liz Barry

Sita Thomas, Multicultural Shakespeare: 1930-2012; Supervisor Tony Howard

Stephanie Tillotson, The late 20th and early 21st century theatre practice of women playing the traditionally male roles in Shakespeare; Supervisor Carol Rutter

Freya Verlander, Skin(s) in Spectatorship, Supervisor Liz Barry

Radu-Christian Vlad, Interpreting World-Literature in the 21st Century. Author. Reader. Text.

Milly Weaver, Visuality and the Contemporary Novel; Supervisor Tina Lupton

Di (Dee) Wu, The Reciprocal Gaze at the "Exotic" Other: Oscar Wilde and China's Modernisation; Supervisor Ross Forman

James Wills, Fictions of (in)justice: Interrogating the Lawyer of America's Post-War South; Supervisor: Mark Storey

Colonial and Postcolonial

Giulia Champion, The Empire Bites Back: Rewriting Colonial Histories; Supervisors: Neil Lazarus and Fabienne Viala

Christine Emmett, The Politics of Racism, Rivalry, and Identification in South African Literature; Supervisor Neil Lazarus

Fiona Farnsworth, Education, Authority, Opportunity: West African Women’s Writing in the World Post-1980; Supervisor: Neil Lazarus

Amulya Gyawali, The Invention of Nature in South Asia; Supervisors: Pablo Mukherjee and Mike Niblett

Gurpreet Kaur, Women and Environment: Postcolonial Ecocriticism and Ecofeminism in Indian Novels in English, Supervisor: Rashmi Varma

Divya Rao, New Alphabet in Sight: Representation and the Reframing of Dalit Identity; Supervisor: Rashmi Varma and Neil Lazarus

Emanuelle Santos, Intra-colonial praxis of Portuguese-speaking Africa; Supervisor: Paulo de Medeiros

Madeleine Scherer, Mnemonic Refiguration: The Graeco-Roman Underworld in Ireland and the Caribbean; Supervisor: John Gilmore and Liz Barry


Eddie Shengchi Hsu, Gender and sex in the English translations of selected Taiwanese literary works; Supervisor: Chantal Wright

Monica Martin-Castano, AV translations of songs from family and children's films; Supervisor: John Gilmore

Robert Stock, Giving voice to translation: a new perspective on celebrity translators in the theatre; Supervisor: Chantal Wright