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Graduate Diploma in English Literature


The Diploma is a one-year course (two years part-time) planned especially for those students who wish to read for a higher degree in English Literature, but whose undergraduate education is not such as to make it advisable for them to attend the MA course without further preparation. It acts as a 'conversion course' for the MA - provided that the student achieves the appropriate grade.

The pattern of study is particularly suited to overseas students. Overseas students entering Warwick to study for the Diploma have in some cases gone on to pass the MA and in due course to be awarded a Warwick doctorate after successful completion of the PhD degree.

The Diploma can also, however, be taken as an independent postgraduate qualification.

Whether regarded in its own right or as a bridge to the MA and possible further study, the Diploma is suitable for a variety of students, both home and overseas, who wish to improve or acquire expertise in the field of English Literature.