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Online resources for Literature and the Lifecourse

NB It's a good idea to be logged on to the Warwick Library webpage before you start so that these links take you directly to the articles.


Changing Perspectives on Early Childhood

Neil Postman, 'The disappearance of childhood'

A critique of Postman's argument

Childhood -- Toward a Theory of Continuity and Change

Article on childhood in science fiction

Short clip on the challenges of casting My Brilliant Friend (actors to represent the girls over time)


A good blog post with lots of references to reading on adolescence from a high school teacher:

Reading on adolescence from different disciplines

And film...

Coming of age films (an annotated list):

Coming of age in the cinema

A short talk about the depiction of adolescence (particularly in relation to gender) in Pixar's recent film Brave (and other Pixar films) by academic at Emory University (with clips!). Not especially deep in itself, but a starting point if this is a genre you like:

Adolescence in Disney Pixar films

A montage on


A useful discussion of adulthood (and queer challenges to its normative (and heteronormative) construction (in a JStor editorial round-up of research). Discussion of broader changes in conception of the idea too. Pamela Aronson: '“objective life events” still frequently used in mainstream discourse to measure the entrance into adulthood—“completing education, entering the labor force, becoming financially independent, getting married, and becoming a parent”—are based on outdated assumptions about class and gender.' (Discuss!) Read more here:

'Adulting' and the (queer) alternative

Old Age

What Old Age Is Really Like (New Yorker piece)

Short Stories

Short Stories about Aging

Paul Bailey's Top Ten Stories of Old Age (Guardian 2011)

Article about Tales of Love in Later Life Tales of Love in Later Life (fiction)