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EN942 Reading List 2019-20

Suggested background reading: World Literature in Theory. Ed. David Damrosch. Wiley-Blackwell, 2014. ISBN: 978-1118407691

Reading list provided by the library with most items in digital format

Seminar Schedule 2019 (15:00-17:00 H 0.43)

Week 1: 1 October. The Debates on World Literature (readings from World Literature in Theory. Ed. David Damrosch. Wiley-Blackwell, 2014. ISBN: 978-1118407691. Damrosch, “Introduction: World Literature in Theory and Practice”; Moretti, “Conjectures on World Literature” and “More Conjectures”; Apter, “Against World Literature”. Available online through Library

Week 2: 8 October. The Emergence of Cultural Materialism: Raymond Williams, selections from The Country and the City; WIlliams, "Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory"; Karl Marx, "The Secret of So-Called Primitive Accumulation"; “The fetishism of the Commodity and Its Secret”; “The Modern Theory of Colonization” from Capital Vol. 1 (Ben Fowkes, Transl. Penguin, ISBN: 978-0140445688).

Week 3: 15 October. World-Literature from the South: Clarice Lispector,The Hour of the Star (B. Moser translation, ISBN: 978-0811219495); Rita Terezinha Schmidt,“Crossing Borders: Clarice Lispector and the Scene of Transnational Feminist Criticism”, Brazilian Literature as World Literature, Ed. Eduardo F. Coutinho, 2018.

Week 4: 22 October. World-System of Historical Capitalism: Immanuel Wallerstein, World-Systems Analysis: An Introduction 2004 [purchase] Additionaly, a small essay: I. Wallerstein. "World-Systems Analysis: The Second Phase", Review 13.2 (1990): 287-293.

Week 5: 29 October. Combined and Uneven Development:Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature.

Week 6: 5 November. Different Reading, Reading Differently: Christina Sharpe, In the Wake: On Blackness and Being.Duke UP, 2016.

Week 7: 12 November. Global Reading 1: Caren Irr, Toward the Geopolitical Novel: U.S. Fiction in the Twenty-First Century. Columbia UP, 2014.

Week 8: 19 November. Global Reading 2: Selections from: Michael Allan. In the Shadow of World Literature: Sites of Reading in Colonial Egypt. Princeton UP, 2016. B. Venkat Mani. Recoding World Literature: Libraries, Print Culture, and Germany's Pact with Books. Fordham UP, 2016.

Week 9: 26 November. Global Reading 3: Toni Morrison. A Mercy (2009).

Week 10: 3 December. Dialectics of Reading: [Toni Morrison. A Mercy (2009)]; Fredric Jameson 'The Three Names of the Dialectic'in Valences of the Dialectic (2009). Susan Buck-Morss. 'Hegel and Haiti' in Critical Inquiry 26.4 (2000).