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Information for second years

First steps
  1. You should start thinking about your dissertation topic in Term 2 of the second year, and discuss it with the degree convenors and/or with your personal tutor and prospective supervisors in either department. To assist you with this, there will be a workshop on 'Choosing a topic and writing your proposal' in week 9 of Term 2 (time and place TBC).
  2. You should then fill in this dissertation proposal form by the first day of Term 3 (22 April 2024). You will automatically be enrolled on the English & History dissertation module, but please submit this form in addition to your module choice form.
  3. After you submit the form, we will discuss your proposed topic with you and identify an appropriate supervisor. You should make preliminary contact with your supervisor during Term 3 of the second year to discuss your topic and plan any preparatory reading or research activities that you wish to undertake during the summer vacation.