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EN392 Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in the Americas

Tutor: Prof. Jonathan Schroeder

N.B. The syllabus will be finalized by the end of May.


This module introduces students to the long history of race, ethnicity, and migration. It is divided into three primary areas of study. The first concerns the conceptualization of these categories within a series of European disciplines and American institutions. The second addresses a series of figures who amplify—or resist—racialized knowledge, including the racist, the migrant, the white supremacist, and the black radical. This area is particularly concerned with questions of aesthetics and representation. The module‚Äôs third and final area of emphasis brings students up to the present by widening their scope of inquiry by introducing them to the antiracist theories of contemporary ethnic and black studies.


2x1000 word formative response papers

4x1000 word response papers

1x4000 word final essay or a digital project



1. Introduction

UNIT 1. Enlightenment Theories of the Human

2. Philosophy

3. History

4. Statistics

5. Languages

UNIT 2. Institutional Transformations

6. Soldiers

7. Slaves

8. Humanitarians

9. Slave/Emancipation Narratives

10. Comparative Contexts


UNIT 3. Media and Mass Culture

11. Racisms

12. Migrations

13. Legislation

14. White Pride

15. Black Power

16. Reading Week

UNIT 4. Race and Ethnicity in the Expanded Field

17. Diasporas

18. Asian-American Studies

19. Latinx Studies

20. Caribbean Studies


21. Whiteness Studies

22. Black Utopias