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Academic staff

Dr Elizabeth Barry, Associate Professor,, H5.37
Dr Paul Botley, Reader,, H5.13
Dr Christina Britzolakis, Associate Professor,, H5.08
Professor Elizabeth Clarke,
Professor Thomas Docherty, Research Professor,, H5.46
Dr Ross G Forman, Associate Professor,, H5.39
Dr Emma Francis, Associate Professor,, H5.11
Dr Matthew Franks, Assistant Professor,, H5.32
Professor Michael Gardiner,, H5.17
Dr John T Gilmore, Associate Professor,, H5.33
Dr Teresa Grant, Associate Professor,, H5.16
Professor Tony Howard,, H5.34
Professor Daniel Katz,, H5.31
Dr Nick Lawrence, Associate Professor,, H5.35
Professor Neil Lazarus,, H5.19
Professor Christina Lupton,, H5.15
Dr Graeme Macdonald, Associate Professor,, H5.36
Professor Emma Mason,, H5.25
Professor Paulo de Medeiros,, H5.26
Dr Michael Meeuwis, Assistant Professor,, H5.29
Professor Pablo Mukherjee,, H5.18
Dr Mike Niblett, Assistant Professor,, H1.06
Dr Paul Prescott, Reader,, H5.14
Dr Stephen Purcell, Associate Professor,, H5.38
Professor Carol Rutter,, H5.30
Dr Jonathan Schroeder,
Professor Stephen Shapiro,, H5.28
Dr Mark Storey, Associate Professor,, H5.27
Dr Myka Tucker-Abramson, Assistant Professor,, H4.20
Dr Rashmi Varma, Associate Professor,, H5.40
Dr John West, Assistant Professor,, H5.41
Professor Christiania Whitehead,, H5.20
Dr Sarah Wood, Assistant Professor,, H5.12

Warwick Writing Program

Mr Will Eaves, Associate Professor,, G.04b
Professor Maureen Freely,
Dr. Gonzalo C. Garcia. Assistant Professor,, G0.4b
Professor Michael Hulse,, H5.44
Dr A. L. Kennedy, Associate Professor,
Tim Leach, Assistant Professor,, G.04a
Anthony Maude, Warwick Writing Programme Officer (on secondment)
Professor David Morley,, G02
Professor Sarah Moss,, G02
Dr Jonathan Skinner, Associate Professor,, G.01
Professor David Vann,
Dr Chantal Wright, Associate Professor,, H5.23

Teaching Fellows

Dr Jen Baker, Teaching Fellow,, H5.18
Dr Katie Forsyth, Teaching Fellow,, H5.20
Dr Amanda Hopkins, Teaching Fellow,
Dr Marco Nievergelt, Senior Teaching Fellow,, H5.20
Dr Rochelle Sibley, Coordinator Academic Writing Programme,, H5.21

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Alice Leonard, WIRL Co-fund Postdoctoral Fellow,
Dr Elizabeth Nolte, WIRL Co-fund Postdoctoral Fellow,
Dr Christine Okoth, Leverhulme Research Fellow
Dr Michael Paye, IAS WIRL-COFUND Fellow 2018–2020,
Dr Preti Taneja, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow,
Dr James White, Research Fellow on the Sir William Jones Project,
Some of our former postdoctoral fellows are listed here

Professional Services Staff

Sabina Ahmed, Finance Assistant,, H5.04
Amanda Dougill, PA to Head of Dept and Departmental Secretary,, H5.03
Alison Lough, Senior Departmental Administrator,, H5.04
Angela Nakra, Taught Programmes Officer,, H5.06
Rachel Oelman, Taught Programmes Officer, Wednesday-Friday,, H5.06
Heather Pilbin, Academic Administrator,, H5.05
Jami Rogers, Postgraduate Research Officer,, H5.06
Karoline Schneider, Dept Administrator Change Management, H5.05
Sally Wallace, Taught Programmes Officer, Mondays & Tuesdays (School Term Time),, H5.06


Kate Williams Courage, Academic Support Librarian (Literature),
Professor Nicholas Monk, Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning,
Dr Sarah Poynting,


Professor Michael Bell,
Professor John Fletcher,
Dr Malcolm Hardman, Reader, email tbc
Professor Benita Parry,
Dr John M Rignall, Reader,
Professor Jeremy Treglown,