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Edited volume

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Special journal edition

Women’s Writing Special Issue: “Still Kissing the Rod?”

Vol 14 no2 (August 2007)


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Forthcoming publications


Politics, Authorship and The Song of Songs in Seventeenth-Century England (forthcoming, Palgrave, 2009)

George Herbert (Writers and their Work series, Northcote House)


Elizabeth Clarke, ed., On the Principles of Christian Religion, addressed to her Daughter by Lucy Hutchinson for The Complete Works of Lucy Hutchinson, general editor David Norbrook (OUP)


“Women’s engagement with the Bible in the early modern period” in Blackwell

Companion to the Bible in English Literatureeds Emma Mason and Christopher Rowland, forthcoming.

“Contested Origins of the Seventeenth-Century Hymn” in The Dissenting Hymn, ed. Isabel Rivers and David Wykes, forthcoming.

"Women in Church and Devotional Spaces” in The Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Women’s Writing, ed. Laura Knoppers, Cambridge University Press, 2008, forthcoming.

With Gillian Wright, “New Technologies and Internet Resources” The Palgrave Guide to Early Modern Women's Writing, ed. Suzanne Trill, 2008, forthcoming.

Editing, reviewing and reading for journals

From January 2009 I am seventeenth-century editor for the Blackwell’s Literature Compass Online Journal.

I review regularly for The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Seventeenth-Century News, Review of English Studies.

I read manuscripts for The Seventeenth Century.

I read manuscripts of books for Oxford University Press, Ashgate, and D.S.Brewer.