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PhD supervision

Current supervision:

Beerman, Janneke. Intersectionality in Hybrid Caribbean Literature. Co-tutelle with University of Curacao, Co-supervisor Liesbeth Echtheld. Starting date: January 2020

Lawrence, Andrea Joan. Literary Lusocatalanism as World Literature. Modernist Perceptions of Europe and Beyond in the Twentieth Century in Travel, Translation, and Transnationalism. Co-Supervisor Stewart King (Monash). Monash Warwick Alliance. Starting date: October 2019


PhD Dissertations (co-)supervised

Faustino, João Pedro Vicente. Late modern subjectivity in the fictional work of Mário Cláudio: identity, memory, expression. Co-supervisor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes. Viva: 19 October 2021. Awarded with minor corrections.

Bondre, Natasha. El excremento del diablo: Petro-capitalism and modern oil cultures within the Caribbean and Latin America. Co-Supervisor: Michael Niblett. Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies PhD fellowship. Viva: 6 April 2021. Awarded with minor corrections.

Banasiak, Marta. Os lugares do Outro: representações das relações de poder na obra de João Paulo Borges Coelho e J.M. Coetzee. Co-supervisor Ana Mafalda Leite, Universidade de Lisboa. FCT Funded. Viva: 3 December 2019. Summa cum laude.

Cardona, Karen Borg. Failed Quests in Modern and Contemporary Literature. University of Warwick. Viva: 15 January 2018. Awarded with minor corrections.

Schor, Patricia. Disencounters with Africa in the Portuguese language: Postcolonial literature and theory in the Portuguese postempire. PhD. Universiteit Utrecht. 24-03-2017.

Santos, Emanuelle Rodrigues dos. Late Postcoloniality: State, Violence and Wealth in the early-21st Century Literatures of Portuguese-Speaking Africa. PhD. English & Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick. April 2016. CAPES full scholarship.

Stoker, Michaël. Challenging Modernism: Fernando Pessoa and the Book of Disquiet. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor: Hans Bertens. 03-07-2013.

Fonseca, Vera. Paula Rego, a prospective retrospective: Bodies, Visuality, Becoming. PhD. Universiteit Utrecht. Co- supervisor: Rosi Braidotti. 31-08-2012. FCT full scholarship.

Lopes, João Marques. O romance brasileiro do século XX no campo das revistas literárias portuguesas. O caso da Colóquio/Letras (1971-1996). Doutoramento (PhD) em Estudos de Literatura e de Cultura (Estudos Brasileiros). Co-supervisor: Vania Chaves. Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. 26-07-2012. Cum laude.

Gillespie, Alana. Brian O'Nolan's Comic and Critical Reconception of Narratives of the Embellished in Independent Ireland, 1938-1966. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor, A. Rigney. 02-11-2010.

Achter, Erik van. On the Nature of the (Portuguese) Short Story: A Poetics of Intimacy. Universiteit Utrecht. Co- supervisor: Onésimo Almeida, Brown University (USA). 15-01-2010.

Moser, Benjamin F. Why This World? A Biography of Clarice Lispector. Universiteit Utrecht. 28-04-2009.

Passos, Joana. Micro-universes and situated critical theory: postcolonial and feminist dialogues in a comparative study of Indo-English and Lusophone women writers. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor: Rosi Braidotti. 20-02- 2003. FCT full scholarship.

Mendes Nina, C., Exilic/Nomadic Itineraries in Clarice Lispector's works. Universiteit Utrecht. Co- supervisor: P.J. de Voogd. 23-11-2001.

Jordão, A.P., Echoes of Transidentity - the transmission of identity in two novels by Lidia Jorge. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor: M.B. van Buuren. 12-1-2001.