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PhD supervision

Current supervision:

Beerman, Janneke. Intersectionality in Hybrid Caribbean Literature. Co-supervisor Michael Niblett. Starting date: January 2020

Spear, Charlotte. Locating the Human: World-Literature and the Concept of Rights. Co-Supervisor Michael Niblett (previous supervisor Pablo Mukherjee, 2021-2022). M4C. Starting date: October 2021.

Gorham, Mark. Ideologues United: England's Ideology and the Gothic 'Good'. Co-Supervisor Jen Baker. Starting date; October 2022.

Toxvaerd Munch, Louisa. How does nostalgia function in the 21st century and what impact does it have on cultural imagination and critical thinking. Starting date: October 2022.

Javanmard, Mohammad. Literary Constellations; Allegories of Collectivities in the era of Globalisation. Co-supervisor Michael Niblett. Chancellor's International Scholarship. Starting date: October 2022.

Carvalho, Mariana de. Contemporary Representations of Remains: Art and Resistance in the poetry of Manuel Gusmão, in the writings of Fernando Guerreiro, in the critical theory of Silvina Rodrigues Lopes, and in the cinema of Teresa Villaverde. Co-supervisor Golgona Anghel. EUTOPIA Fellowship. Starting date: January 2023.

Backleh, Nadia. World Literature and Migration: Questioning Neoliberal Cultures and Modalities of Resistance under GlobalizationLink opens in a new window. Co-supervisor: Graeme Macdonald. Starting date: October 2023


PhD Dissertations (co-)supervised

Lawrence, Andrea Joan. Literary Lusocatalanism as World Literature. Modernist Perceptions of Europe and Beyond in the Twentieth Century in Travel, Translation, and Transnationalism. Co-Supervisor Stewart King (Monash). Monash Warwick Alliance. Awarded 2023

Faustino, João Pedro Vicente. Late modern subjectivity in the fictional work of Mário Cláudio: identity, memory, expression. Co-supervisor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes. Viva: 19 October 2021. Awarded with minor corrections.

Bondre, Natasha. El excremento del diablo: Petro-capitalism and modern oil cultures within the Caribbean and Latin America. Co-Supervisor: Michael Niblett. Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies PhD fellowship. Viva: 6 April 2021. Awarded with minor corrections.

Banasiak, Marta. Os lugares do Outro: representações das relações de poder na obra de João Paulo Borges Coelho e J.M. Coetzee. Co-supervisor Ana Mafalda Leite, Universidade de Lisboa. FCT Funded. Viva: 3 December 2019. Summa cum laude.

Cardona, Karen Borg. Failed Quests in Modern and Contemporary Literature. University of Warwick. Viva: 15 January 2018. Awarded with minor corrections.

Schor, Patricia. Disencounters with Africa in the Portuguese language: Postcolonial literature and theory in the Portuguese postempire. PhD. Universiteit Utrecht. 24-03-2017.

Santos, Emanuelle Rodrigues dos. Late Postcoloniality: State, Violence and Wealth in the early-21st Century Literatures of Portuguese-Speaking Africa. PhD. English & Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick. April 2016. CAPES full scholarship.

Stoker, Michaël. Challenging Modernism: Fernando Pessoa and the Book of Disquiet. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor: Hans Bertens. 03-07-2013.

Fonseca, Vera. Paula Rego, a prospective retrospective: Bodies, Visuality, Becoming. PhD. Universiteit Utrecht. Co- supervisor: Rosi Braidotti. 31-08-2012. FCT full scholarship.

Lopes, João Marques. O romance brasileiro do século XX no campo das revistas literárias portuguesas. O caso da Colóquio/Letras (1971-1996). Doutoramento (PhD) em Estudos de Literatura e de Cultura (Estudos Brasileiros). Co-supervisor: Vania Chaves. Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. 26-07-2012. Cum laude.

Gillespie, Alana. Brian O'Nolan's Comic and Critical Reconception of Narratives of the Embellished in Independent Ireland, 1938-1966. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor, A. Rigney. 02-11-2010.

Achter, Erik van. On the Nature of the (Portuguese) Short Story: A Poetics of Intimacy. Universiteit Utrecht. Co- supervisor: Onésimo Almeida, Brown University (USA). 15-01-2010.

Moser, Benjamin F. Why This World? A Biography of Clarice Lispector. Universiteit Utrecht. 28-04-2009.

Passos, Joana. Micro-universes and situated critical theory: postcolonial and feminist dialogues in a comparative study of Indo-English and Lusophone women writers. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor: Rosi Braidotti. 20-02- 2003. FCT full scholarship.

Mendes Nina, C., Exilic/Nomadic Itineraries in Clarice Lispector's works. Universiteit Utrecht. Co- supervisor: P.J. de Voogd. 23-11-2001.

Jordão, A.P., Echoes of Transidentity - the transmission of identity in two novels by Lidia Jorge. Universiteit Utrecht. Co-supervisor: M.B. van Buuren. 12-1-2001.