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Current Projects

Global Modernisms

This new project aims at a mapping of modernisms as part of a new perspective on world literature. It aims to cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. As part of this project I am especially interested in an exploration of the concept of image and how it was deployed specifically by Fernando Pessoa in his vast writings, starting with those signed by his heteronyms Alvaro de Campos and Bernardo Soares. Another specific focus will be a consideration of the role of photography and film in modernism.

Postimperial Europe

This project follows on my work on postcolnial literature and film and aims at conceptualizing possible ideas of Europe from a postcolonial perspective.

Pessoa Plural

This interdisciplinary peer-reviewed electronic journal is co-edited by Onésimo Almeida (Brown University), Jerónimo Pizarro (Universidade de los Andes) and Paulo de Medeiros (Warwick):