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Nineteenth-Century British Culture Reading Group (NCBCRG)

Meeting dates and times TBD.

Our group will meet to discuss recently-published work in nineteenth-century cultural studies, understood broadly.

We will read the introduction and a selected chapter from each one of these books—participants may, of course, read more, and are encouraged to do so. Texts will be posted to this website.


Week three:

  1. Christopher Taylor, Empire of Neglect: The West Indies in the Wake of British Liberalism (Duke UP, 2018)

Week seven:

  1. Dustin Friedman, Before Queer Theory: Victorian Aestheticism and the Self (JHU, 2019)

Week nine:

  1. Sharon Marcus, The Drama of Celebrity (Princeton, 2019)



Week three

  1. Jason Rudy, Imagined Homelands: British Poetry in the Colonies (JHU, 2018)

Week seven:

  1. Sebastian Lecourt, Cultivating Belief: Victorian Anthropology, Liberal Aesthetics, and the Secular Imagination (OUP, 2018)

Week nine:

  1. Talia Schaffer, Romance’s Rival: Familiar Marriage in Victorian Fiction (OUP, 2019)