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Reading and the Making of Time, Johns Hopkins University Press, forthcoming 2018.

Knowing Books: The Consciousness of Mediation in Eighteenth-Century Britain, University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia, 2012.

Edited Books/Journals

"Literature and Contingency" a special issue of Textual Practice. Co-edited with Carsten Meiner. March 2018.

"Latour and the Eighteenth Century" a special issue of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 52.2. Co-edited with Sean Silver. Winter 2016.

British It-Narratives, 1750-1830. 4 Volumes, Pickering and Chatto: London, 2012. General Editor: Mark Blackwell. Volume Editors: Mark Blackwell, Liz Bellamy, Christina Lupton and Heather Keenleyside.

Theory and Practice in the Eighteenth-Century: Writing Between Philosophy and Literature. Co-edited with Alexander Dick. Pickering and Chatto: London, 2008.


“Paper Ontologies: Reading Sterne with Bruno Latour,” Textual Practice, 30.1. Winter 2017.

“The Novel as the Book’s Future Anterior: Tom McCarthy’s Remainder and Ali Smith’s The Accidental,” NOVEL: a Forum on Fiction, 49.3, Fall 2016, 504-18

“Immersing the Network in Time: from the Where to the When of Print Reading,” forthcoming in Proceedings of the English Institute 2014, special issue of ELH, 83.2. Summer 2016.

“Codex, Contingency, the Eighteenth-Century Novel” ELH, 81.4. Fall 2014. 1173-1192

"Gender, Materiality and Metaphor on the Eighteenth-Century Page," Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, 54:3, Summer 2014. 605-624.

with Alexander Dick, “On Lecturing and Being Beautiful: Zadie Smith, Elaine Scarry, and the Liberal Aesthetic,” English Studies in Canada, 2013.

“Giving Power to the Medium: Recovering the 1750s,” The Rise of the Novel: Redux, a special issue of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 52: 3-4, Fall/Winter 2011. 289-302.

“Creating the Writer of the Cleric’s Words,” The Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 34:2, June 2011. 167–183.

with Peter McDonald, “Reflexivity as Entertainment: Early Novels and Recent Video Games“ Mosaic 43:4, December 2010. 157-173.

“The Theory of Paper: Scepticism, Commonsense, Poststructuralism” MLQ, 71:4, December 2010. 407-427.

“Surfaces and Depths in Gaskell’s Cranford” CRITICISM 50:2, Summer 2008. 235-254.

“The Knowing Book: Authors, It-Narratives, and Objectification in the Eighteenth Century” NOVEL: a Forum on Fiction. 39.3, Summer 2006. 402-420.

“The Sure Performance of Uncertainty: Franklin, Tillotson, Steele and the Plain Style” Eighteenth-Century Studies, 40.2, November 2006. 177-192.

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“Naming the Baby: Sterne, Goethe, and the Power of the Word” Modern Language Notes 118.5, December 2003. 1213-1236.

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"Tristram Shandy, David Hume and Epistemological Fiction," Philosophy and Literature 27.1, April 2003. 98-115.

“Walking on Flowers: The Kantian Aesthetics of Hard Times,” ELH 70.1, April 2003. 151-169.

“Hierarchies of Vision,” Wasafiri 26, Autumn 1997. 21-27.


"Repeat" in Still Reading, Ed. Leah Price and Matthew Rubery. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018.

with Aran Ruth, “The Novel’s Poem Envy: mid-century Fiction and the ‘Thing Poem’” in Eighteenth-Century Poetry and the Rise of the Novel Reconsidered, Ed. Courtney Weiss-Smith and Kate Parker, Bucknell University Press (forthcoming 2013)

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