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Postgraduate Supervision

I currently supervise the following doctoral students:

Bushra Muhzabeen, Oil and World Literature: Exploitative Labour and Gender Relations in Petro-Capitalist Commodity Frontiers (2020-Present)

Maddie Sinclair, World Literature, the Twenty-First Century Short-Story Cycle and the Politics of Form (2020-Present; funded by a Wolfson Scholarship)

Charlotte Spear (co-supervised with Pablo Mukherjee), Locating the Human: World-Literature and the Concept of Rights (2021-Present; funded by M4C)

Tyler Ball (co-supervised with Rashmi Varma), The Sea of Stories: Writing Wider Worlds with Indian Ocean Literature (2021-Present)

Mohammad Javanmard (co-supervised with Paulo de Medeiros), Globalisation of Suppression and Resistance: Allegories of a Global Collectivity in Contemporary World-Literature (2022-Present; funded by Chancellor's International Scholarship)

Xueyi Li, The Chinese Presence in Contemporary Chinese Caribbean Literature (2022-Present; funded by the China Scholarship Council)

Completed PhD Supervisions:

Esthie Hugo, Gender, Race and World-Ecological Literature: Plotting Women’s Work from the Plantation to the Present (2018-2022; funded by the Leverhulme Trust as part of the World Literature and Commodity Frontiers research project and by an Oppenheimer International Scholarship)

Amul Gyawali (co-supervised with Pablo Mukherjee), Building States of Nature: Environment-Making Genealogies in South Asian Writing (2018-2022; funded by the Chancellor's International Scholarship)

Natasha Bondre (co-supervised with Paulo de Medeiros), Petro-Capitalism, Oil Culture and Literature in the Expanded Caribbean (2016-2020; funded by a Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies PhD fellowship)

Eva Donnelly (co-supervised with Pia Christensen), Education and Caribbean Identity (2009-2012)