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Transformations project

We train student tutors in basic teaching practices, such as how to structure lessons and safeguarding, and prepare them to teach a variety of lessons on Gothic and Dystopian literature.

The aim is to encourage the pupils in these schools, who may never have considered university as an option, to raise their aspirations and to understand all the exciting opportunities higher education can offer.

“I took a lot from my time with Transformations. Some lifelong friends, the ability to plan creative and engaging lessons and excellent time management skills as I juggled alongside studying and working. I used examples from my time as a tutor in my interview for my first graduate role and regularly think back to my lessons when I now train my team of staff in my current job. I even had the amazing experience of meeting one of the pupils I tutored at a Warwick Open Day, something she’d never have considered if it hadn’t been for Transformations. Life-changing stuff, if you ask me!

Harley Jones-Ryley, Former Transformations President and student tutor

“Transformations remains one of my favourite memories of Warwick, having offered a practical way to explore my subject and given me wonderful friendships in the process.

Since leaving Warwick, I have spoken about the transferable skills gained through the programme at every interview, and credit Transformations with helping me to secure graduate employment this year.”

Former Transformations tutor