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Our Fathers - Theatre Production

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Location: Studio Theatre, Warwick Arts Centre

Coming soon - June 12th and June 13th 2012 - in conjunction with Warwick Arts Centre, Babakas and China Plate - Our Fathers Theatre Production with panel discussions; 'Father Figures Through Time' & 'Thoroughly Modern Dads'

Our Fathers

Commissioned by China Plate, mac ,Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick Centre for The History of Medicine.

Supported by the Wellcome Trust.

What would you do if you were asked to be a father in an email? If your Dad thought it was dance school that turned you gay? If you'd never had the chance to see the man behind the mask? A playful and moving search through diaries, bibles, memories and dreams, an imaginative leap across oceans and decades led by three performers whose far-away fathers might just make an appearance.

Following the development of this beautiful piece at First Bite and Bite Size Festivals, we’re joining forces with The Centre for the History of Medicine to bring you a first chance to see the full length version of Our Fathers and the last chance to help us shape it as it is being made.

Following each performance the CHM will host a panel discussion looking at fatherhood in the past and present.

Panel 1 - 12th June: Father Figures Through Time

How perceptions of fatherhood have changed through the 19th and 20th centuries, the persistence of stereotypes and the transmission of ideas through family generations.

Panel 2 -13th June: Thoroughly Modern Dads?

How fathers interact with their children today, through pregnancy, childbirth and infancy; the rise of stay-at-home dads, gay parenting; and new birth technologies.

For full information see website

Direction Juan Ayala and Mike Tweddle

Dramaturgy Brian Mullin

Choreography Jean-Marc Serrano and Bert Roman

Video Scott Johnston

Devised and performed by Sofia Paschou Bert Roman and Mike Tweddle

Assistant director/producer Lydia Burke

Historical / medical consultant Laura King


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